The Liberals Dangle A Very Stale Carrot

The BC Liberal election BS machine is now in full swing. The Liberals announced a “commuter rail working group” to confirm the viability of commuter rail for the Capitol Region. This begs the question: “Who has the capability and knowledge to come to an answer on commuter rail? What should be done, is what Rail [...]


A Verry Merry Christmas From Rail for the Valley!

A merry Christmas to all and to all a safe and good night! A Budapest Christmas tram lights the way!


The Emperor has no Clothes and no Transit

Zwei has decided to reprint this post from 2010, written by someone oustide the metro Vancouver bubble, who tried to better the region’s transit. In the ensuing time nothing has changed; the same old tired cast of charlatans trundling out the same old tired transit plans, desperately trying to convince the ever increasingly skeptical taxpayer to ante up more and [...]


Rail for the Valley – Where do we go from here?

It has been six years since the release of the Leewood Study,  yet to date most regional politicians do not even realize that it exists. Internationally, the Leewood Study is a winner, featured in two international transportation magazines, locally though the Leewood Study has been ignored or discredited by neanderthal thinking municipal politicians. There are [...]


Rail for the Valley In The news

  From the Chilliwack Times. Dream of light rail from Chilliwack to Surrey isn’t dead The idea of creating light rail on the old interurban line from Chilliwack to Surrey may have faded in recent years, but proponents still want to see it happen and Coun. Sam Waddington says it’s inevitable. — image credit: File   [...]


More TramTrains For Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, Germany, the birthplace of the TramTrain concept, goes from success to success. For twenty-two years, TramTrain have been operating in the Karlsruhe region with no major accidents, track sharing with both the city tram systems and mainline railways, providing affordable tram services to regions which otherwise would not been able to afford a quality [...]


Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas from Rail for the Valley! A South Shore Interurban in the snow in Michigan City. Thirty-two years later, the South Shore Interurban still trundles the route daily.

Le Harve1

Complete Street the French Way

Complete Streets: From Policy to Implementation How the French Blend Light Rail and Complete Streets for Total Accessibility A PowerPoint presentation from Rail~Volution Minneapolis, 22 September 2014 by Greg Thompson . Tom Larwin . Tom Parkinson of  the Transportation Research Board Subcommittee  on International Light Rail Development Since 1985 when the first modern tram line [...]

Portland Streetcar

Modern Trams – from the US Point of View

From a recent issue of the US magazine Trains – is an article which is uploaded to the web: “Modern streetcars take back US cities” – “A Streetcar named Revival”. Modern Streetcars in US cities (2) and  TheStreetcarRenaissance  


Four Years Since the Release of the Leewood Study and the Silence is Deafening!

It now has been four years since the historic release of the Leewood/Rail for the Valley report, yet except for sparse political support, very few people actually know that the study exists, let alone that it is “shovel ready”. The Leewood study is just too simple, too cheap, and too practical compared to other politically [...]