Rail for the Valley – Where do we go from here?

It has been six years since the release of the Leewood Study,  yet to date most regional politicians do not even realize that it exists. Internationally, the Leewood Study is a winner, featured in two international transportation magazines, locally though the Leewood Study has been ignored or discredited by neanderthal thinking municipal politicians. There are [...]


Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas from Rail for the Valley! A South Shore Interurban in the snow in Michigan City. Thirty-two years later, the South Shore Interurban still trundles the route daily.


Four Years Since the Release of the Leewood Study and the Silence is Deafening!

It now has been four years since the historic release of the Leewood/Rail for the Valley report, yet except for sparse political support, very few people actually know that the study exists, let alone that it is “shovel ready”. The Leewood study is just too simple, too cheap, and too practical compared to other politically [...]

tram 1

Liz James Takes On The TransLink Referendum

The fiery independent columnist Liz James is one of the few scribes that is willing to take on the TransLink behemoth with other than the political correctness that follows the issue. David Cockle, mentioned in Ms. James piece, is the very same David Cockle who did the famous Leewood/Rail for the Valley Study….. ….. and [...]

Xmas tram 2

A very merry Christmas

Christmas tram in Budapest A very merry Christmas from Rail for the Valley