Today all Dutch trains are powered 100% by wind energy

  Something to think about. Question: Can we use wind generated power to sell the Leewood RftV TramTrain scheme? Today all Dutch trains are powered 100% by wind energy In the Netherlands all NS’s 1.200.000 train trips per day are now without any CO2 emissions. A world’s first! By Michiel de Gooijer As from 1 [...]


Memo to Metro Mayors: Forget Road Pricing, build With LRT!

As Vancouver’s metro mayor’s dig themselves further into a financial morass, with the proposed now $3.2 billion Broadway subway to Arbutus and the now over $100/km Surrey LRT, which will demand more and more punitive regional taxation, why instead don’t we plan for affordable European style LRT? The trouble is, our regional mayors think they [...]


SkyTrain – What TransLink Is Not Telling Us

This reply from Haveacow who is an Engineer, to an earlier post and I think worthy of a post on its own. He is familiar with SkyTrain and worked on the Ottawa LRT and inn other words he knows his stuff. Despite the ‘huff and puff’ from high paid TransLink spokes people about how the [...]


Congestion Everywhere, No Releif in Sight!

As predicted in 1980! There are affordable solutions, but they would embarrass the MoT, the City of Vancouver and academics, especially at SFU. An ever growing population, means more traffic and until the government ensures an attractive and affordable alternative to the car, which because of SkyTrain will not get in the foreseeable future, gridlock [...]


E & N Railway Resurrection?

E&N resurrection? I hope so and a developer, no less, is spearheading the drive to move to “rail” transit. RftV wishes Mr. Mariash well. If Fraser Valley developers were of the same mind as well? CTV Vancouver Island Published Thursday, December 8, 2016 A well-known Victoria developer says he’ll get a proposed railway line between [...]


Fare Gates – Not As Advertised

TransLink’s fare-gates and Compass Card system was forced upon TransLink, not to reduce fare evasion, which was well within industry norms, but to ensure then Premier Campbell’s good friend, Ken Dobell, work as a  lobbyist for Cubit Industries who make the fare gates. Lobbyists must be successful with their lobby of government or no one [...]


TransLink’s Ridership Bamboozle Continues

  TransLink continues it ongoing program to bamboozle the public and politicians with their patented ridership bumf. Boarding’s are up 4%, really? Maybe, but boarding’s do not equate into actual higher actual ridership numbers, especially with the 130,000, $1.00 a day, ride at will U-Passes distributed to post secondary students. Simply put, those 130,000 U-Pass [...]


UBC expert fears Vancouver subway is still far off

Transit improvements coming soon? Don’t hold your breathe because TransLink’s planning is extremely suspect. Certainly new buses will arrive for new routes and new drivers, mechanics and the rest of the employees needed to operate the new buses will be hired, but will this actually improve transit? I doubt it because TransLink is fixated on [...]


The Emperor has no Clothes and no Transit

Zwei has decided to reprint this post from 2010, written by someone oustide the metro Vancouver bubble, who tried to better the region’s transit. In the ensuing time nothing has changed; the same old tired cast of charlatans trundling out the same old tired transit plans, desperately trying to convince the ever increasingly skeptical taxpayer to ante up more and [...]

TransLink cartoon

Phase One To Oblivion

Well, it had to happen, the fools council has approved ‘phase one’ of Translink’s ten year plan. I doubt that any of the mayors in this old boys/girls club know very much about transit, but they certainly know what gets them votes and transit is a motherhood and apple pie issue. Buying new SkyTrain cars [...]