Those Who Do Not Read History Are Doomed…………….

………….to make the same expensive mistakes. In Toronto, metro madness is the order of the day, but the overlooked story is the Scarborough R/T, SkyTrain’s first cousin, being torn down because it will be soon “life expired”. The current debate is whether to build a hugely expensive one stop subway to replace the SRT or [...]


An Idiot’s Delight At UBC Or Is UBC Offering Courses In Money Laundering?

And here I thought universities were filled with intelligent people; people who crave education and research. At UBC, evidently not! The ignorance and displayed by the UBC types is nothing more than appalling. Lysenkoism and jingoism has now become transit planning doctrine. The current cost of the proposed UBC subway is in excess of $3 [...]

Hobson's Choice

Surrey’s Hobson’s Choice – A Choice Of Taking What is Available (LRT) or Nothing At All.

Surrey has a big transit and transportation problem, and now with the announcement that the current Mayor, Mayor Hepner, will not to run this fall, now leaves the LRT project in doubt. The cacophony of the SkyTrain Lobby with their half truths, cherry picked data, and intimidating innuendo are demanding a change from light rail [...]


An Essay on TransLink, SkyTrain and Carbon Emissions

A new player in Vancouver politics,Ai??Vancouver Green Citizensai??i?? Group, is emerging and is taking critical aim atAi?? Metro Vancouver and TransLink. I have always said that Translink’s ridership numbers are inflated and the recent news releases; re releases and re re releases are indicative of TransLink’s desperate attempt to coax the public to accept Metro [...]

The demise of PRT!

I have included this item because of Raytheons’s involvement of this particular PRT system at a time when they were acting as engineer/consultants for the then Broadway-Lougheed light rail project. It came closest in the 1990s, when defense giant Raytheon purchased the rights to Taxi 2000ai??i??s technology. Raytheons negativity towards LRT at the time, encouraged [...]

The Chaleroi Metro, built but never used and remains semi abandoned to this day. Subway operation cost too much for the operating authority and the stations, tracks and infrastructrue never used.

Common Sense & FastFerry’s

Common sense. Common sense: something that TransLink, the City of Vancouver, the Mayor’s Council on Transit, TransLink and its CEO, Premier Horgan and is entourage lack. Common sense: the industry standard for customer flows on a transit line needed to even think of building a subway is 15,000 persons per hour per direction. Common sense: [...]

Keep in mind the Tips for Earn Revenue in Your company Life

Quite a great numbers of scopes to help make lasting dollars; however, resulting from lack involving info persons fail to obtain the important things about these scopes. If a person want to be able to stick to any specific of these kinds of scopes, then simply, you are in the actual best place to purchase [...]

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Be informed about the Secrets to Earn Revenue in Your personal Life

On the list of problems that will many organisations facial area is typically the idea that they become to some extent stagnant. Sad to say, this can easily make them get rid of a diploma involving achievement which will they often have at you time savored. There will be some problems that can always be [...]

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Be informed about the A few Earn Residual Income in Your current Life

One of the many problems the fact that many businesses skin is often the incontrovertible fact that they will become a bit stagnant. Regrettably, this could cause them to reduce certain amount for achievements which they could possibly have at a person time loved. There are some stuffs that can possibly be done, nevertheless , [...]

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Be aware of the Tips for Earn Revenue in Your company Life

The actual practice with local lawn sales is certainly gradually collecting. It is normally a lavish perform to reduce domestic excess items in addition to earn some funds through reselling them. Most of these junk objects do not necessarily convey that they is going to not possible be about any sort of benefits into the [...]

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