A Letter in the Sun

Strange that, after the resounding NO vote in the recent plebiscite, the Vancouver Sun has been giving ink to some very pro LRT writers, in both the Op-Ed section and the Letters To The Editor Section. Saturday, July 18: Portland LRT grounded in reality Vancouver Sun July 17, 2015 Letter writer Ray Arnoldai??i??s decision to [...]


Metro Madness

In one of the silliest items written in Canada about public transit, The Globe and Mail’s (Mop & Pail) Jeffery Simpson has inked a article about how the taxpayer in the lower mainland should vote YES to build subways because Asia builds them. * Why then are subways built? * The answer is simple, subways [...]

E&N 1

TramTrain for the E&N?

The Talk of TramTrain from other than Zwei is good news, especially from Vancouver Island. A Diesel powered TramTrain service, both for Victoria and Naniamo is doable and would be affordable. A 18 km. Diesel TramTrain line from Langford to Victoria, plus a single track 5 km.Ai?? loop in the downtown, should cost no more [...]


A Light (Rail) In The Piazza

A very welcomed editorial in the Delta Optimist. Slowly, ever slowly, people are beginning to realize that modern LRT is just not a transit mode, but a transit philosophy! Here lies the difference between LRT and SkyTrain; as SkyTrain or light metro is designed to give fast service between transit hubs forcing transit customers to [...]


A Letter To The Mayor’s Council

Ai??The following letter, which has come Zwei’s way, was sent to all mayors and councils in Metro Vancouver. It seems, that the regional mayors are hell bound to get a positive vote in the coming TransLink referendum and they don’t seem to care about the voters or transit users at all. Yesterday’s Vancouver Province editorial [...]

Confederation LRT LIne Versus Skytrain 2.0

A Conflict of Interest – The Broadway Subway

TransLink, unfortunately digs very deep holes for itself and Mr. Chris exposes what they want the public to believe as fact, is in fact pure invention. http://www.translink.ca/~/media/Documents/plans_and_projects/rapid_transit_projects/UBC/alternatives_evaluation/UBC_Line_Rapid_Transit_Study_Phase_2_Alternatives_Evaluation.ashx There are two points I would like to explore, from Mr. Chris’s letter , posted on this blog on November 18. In 1986, the Light Rail Transit Association [...]

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All Quiet on the Transit Front?

With civic elections only weeks away, there has been a lull with transit issues and stories. The city of Vancouver, which considers itself the centre of the universe, provides us with some mirth as the elections draw near. The left leaning C.O.P.E. political party is proposing that all Vancouver residents should have universal transit for [...]


A Letter in the Courier

A letter in the Vancouver Courier. Letter: Transit planners are on the wrong track Re: ai???Mayorsai??i?? Council may expect Vancouver to fund Broadway line,ai??? Sept. 24. Vancouver Courier September 30, 2014 11:28 AM To the editor: Re: ai???Mayorsai??i?? Council may expect Vancouver to fund Broadway line,ai??? Sept. 24. Mr. Gellerai??i??s articleAi?? illustrates a very important [...]


Arbutus Corridor Stuff

The following is an “letter to the editor” in Friday’s province and I must give credit to Mr. Chris Cullen for his sensible views. Zwei says; “Bulls-eye Mr. Cullen”, you have deduced the Arbutus question most logically! Rail is green I am amused by all the concern over the Arbutus ai???green wayai??? potentially being reactivated [...]


Trams attract more passengers than buses

The following from Ed Tennyson, who is the foremost transit expert and historian in the USA, is a reply to a news story that Seattle suburban residents like the LRT but do not particularly like buses very much. Buses, for what ever reason, just do not attract much new ridership and BRT, which in most [...]