Letters from Rail for the Valley folk

Two letters from people who support, Rail for the Valley and improving transit South of the Fraser Users and taxpayers lose with regional transit plan Delta Optimist June 29, 2016 Editor: The recent $740 million photo-op with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his protAi??gAi?? for the next federal election, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, and B.C.’s premier, [...]


A Letter To Media and Politicians

ai??i??This letter went out to all the usual suspects, MP’s, MLA’s, and Mayors and Council.   There is a general naivete about Light Rail Transit or LRT in the media, due in part to TransLink’s and previously BC Transits thirty five year war on LRT, with their well advertised preference for light-metro. Today, except for [...]



This will get the SkyTrain boys knickers in a knot! The Arbutus Corridor, the classic dedicated or reserved rights-of-way. LETTER: Flexibility makes light rail the clear choice for Surrey One reader says light rail’s flexibility makes it the clear choice for Surrey. ai??i??Ai??image credit: The Now posted Feb 18, 2016 The Editor, There is myth [...]


A Letter to the Prime Minister – Transit Issues in Metro Vancouver

Sent November 9, 2015 Dear Prime Minister Trudeau; Congratulations on your recent electoral success and now a fresh wind sweeps across Canada. I have been an advocate for better public transit in the Metro Vancouver region for over 30 years. I have seen three major rapid transit projects built during this time and can honestly [...]


A letter in the Surrey News Leader

Transit: There is a better way The Editor; The Conservatives have re-announced the committed $700-million portion for the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit (LRT). The total cost of this project will be over $2 billion, yet present passenger flows are below the amount needed to make the operation viable for light rail and it would [...]

A Letter in the Sun

Strange that, after the resounding NO vote in the recent plebiscite, the Vancouver Sun has been giving ink to some very pro LRT writers, in both the Op-Ed section and the Letters To The Editor Section. Saturday, July 18: Portland LRT grounded in reality Vancouver Sun July 17, 2015 Letter writer Ray Arnoldai??i??s decision to [...]


Metro Madness

In one of the silliest items written in Canada about public transit, The Globe and Mail’s (Mop & Pail) Jeffery Simpson has inked a article about how the taxpayer in the lower mainland should vote YES to build subways because Asia builds them. * Why then are subways built? * The answer is simple, subways [...]

E&N 1

TramTrain for the E&N?

The Talk of TramTrain from other than Zwei is good news, especially from Vancouver Island. A Diesel powered TramTrain service, both for Victoria and Naniamo is doable and would be affordable. A 18 km. Diesel TramTrain line from Langford to Victoria, plus a single track 5 km.Ai?? loop in the downtown, should cost no more [...]


A Light (Rail) In The Piazza

A very welcomed editorial in the Delta Optimist. Slowly, ever slowly, people are beginning to realize that modern LRT is just not a transit mode, but a transit philosophy! Here lies the difference between LRT and SkyTrain; as SkyTrain or light metro is designed to give fast service between transit hubs forcing transit customers to [...]


A Letter To The Mayor’s Council

Ai??The following letter, which has come Zwei’s way, was sent to all mayors and councils in Metro Vancouver. It seems, that the regional mayors are hell bound to get a positive vote in the coming TransLink referendum and they don’t seem to care about the voters or transit users at all. Yesterday’s Vancouver Province editorial [...]