A Letter in the Courier

A letter in the Vancouver Courier. Letter: Transit planners are on the wrong track Re: ai???Mayorsai??i?? Council may expect Vancouver to fund Broadway line,ai??? Sept. 24. Vancouver Courier September 30, 2014 11:28 AM To the editor: Re: ai???Mayorsai??i?? Council may expect Vancouver to fund Broadway line,ai??? Sept. 24. Mr. Gellerai??i??s articleAi?? illustrates a very important [...]


Arbutus Corridor Stuff

The following is an “letter to the editor” in Friday’s province and I must give credit to Mr. Chris Cullen for his sensible views. Zwei says; “Bulls-eye Mr. Cullen”, you have deduced the Arbutus question most logically! Rail is green I am amused by all the concern over the Arbutus ai???green wayai??? potentially being reactivated [...]


Trams attract more passengers than buses

The following from Ed Tennyson, who is the foremost transit expert and historian in the USA, is a reply to a news story that Seattle suburban residents like the LRT but do not particularly like buses very much. Buses, for what ever reason, just do not attract much new ridership and BRT, which in most [...]

1 Main st.

TransLink Spends on Station Renovations

TransLink is renovating several stations on the Expo Line and as always, the real news is what one reads between the lines. The Expo Line is near its life expiratory date and no, the Expo Line will not disappear in a cacophony of dust and debris, but extensive and expensive renovations and renewals must be [...]



Transit and transportation are on the minds of local residents, which is a good thing because the more people who want real change for transit will demand it of their politicos. Nothing wrong with Massey Tunnel Published: September 30, 2013 Re: Massey Tunnel replacement. At first glance, the premierai??i??s announcement for a new bridge sounds [...]


A Letter To South Fraser Mayors And Councils

A letter sent this week to South Fraser mayors and councils and to the media. One wonders how TransLink and its surrogates will respond? Zwei The following email was sent out to South Fraser mayors and councils, warning of Translink hyperbole in overstating the success of SkyTrain and the Canada Line. This letter contains a [...]


The Bateman Strategy: Killing TransLink and the regional vision – NOT!

Gordon Price has entered the TransLink fray and with gusto, blaming Jordan Bate of having the audacity to ask for “none of the above” on the ballot in the upcoming election. Without a “none of the above” on the ballot means the much ballyhooed TransLink referendum would be nothing more than a wet squib, in [...]


Eric Chris’s Study – Not having transit is more environmentally sustainable than having transit in Vancouver

Eric Chris, sent the following to all local newspapers and municipal governments. It seems, TransLink and our regional transit planners may have it all wrong. To view the study in its entirety, please click on the link below. Transit in Metro Vancouver, Canada recently won the gold award from APTA (American Public Transportation Association) for [...]

TransLink cartoon

Another “Malcolm Letter”, As TransLink Grinds Its Teeth.

The letter in the Surrey Leader says it all………….. Sales tax wonai??i??t resolve transit ills Published: August 28, 2013 The notion that a $0.5-per-cent sales tax increase will solve TransLinkai??i??s financial ills is naive in the extreme; spending more money on unsustainable transit projects will only exacerbate TransLinkai??i??s money woes. TransLink faces many problems, including [...]


A letter worth reading!

Mr. Brussac knows transit. He has lived and traveled in Europe and is well acquainted with transit operation and fare collection and his letters are always worth a read, as one learns something from them. Comparison to Europeai??i??s system childish Published: August 20, 2013 The Editor, One of TransLinkai??i??s talking heads justified the cancellation of [...]