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Another “Malcolm Letter”, As TransLink Grinds Its Teeth.

The letter in the Surrey Leader says it all………….. Sales tax wonai??i??t resolve transit ills Published: August 28, 2013 The notion that a $0.5-per-cent sales tax increase will solve TransLinkai??i??s financial ills is naive in the extreme; spending more money on unsustainable transit projects will only exacerbate TransLinkai??i??s money woes. TransLink faces many problems, including [...]


A letter worth reading!

Mr. Brussac knows transit. He has lived and traveled in Europe and is well acquainted with transit operation and fare collection and his letters are always worth a read, as one learns something from them. Comparison to Europeai??i??s system childish Published: August 20, 2013 The Editor, One of TransLinkai??i??s talking heads justified the cancellation of [...]


EDITORIAL: Compass Card blunder will cost TransLink

From the South Delta Leader. EDITORIAL: Compass Card blunder will cost TransLink By Editorial – South Delta Leader Published: August 16, 2013 With TransLink set to role out the new Compass Card fare system next year, comes word this week that after investing more than $170 million in new faregates, TransLink buses will no longer [...]

What $130 million buys you in planning!

Bring It On!

It seems the message is getting through and the recent pouts and threats from TransLink officials about drastic cuts to local transit services, if road pricing is not implemented, is falling on rather deaf ears, especially south of the Fraser River. TransLink’s ponderous bureaucracy just cannot provide a decent transit service now, how can the [...]


Eric Chris Writes a Letter to the Times.

Eric Chris is a chemical engineer and with his analytical background he can see through TransLink’s transit verbal diarrhea and understand the real problems facing TransLink. The same was true with the late Des Turner, who was also a chemical engineer (who worked for Shell Oil) and upon retirement, went back to university and studied [...]


Letters to the Editor – The Return of the Interurban

Tuesday, July 23: All aboard! Bring back the InterurbanVancouver SunJuly 22, 2013 Terry Nichols of the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society operates the societyai??i??s recently restored BC Elecrtric Railway 1225 Interurban railcar at the Cloverdale Station in Surrey on Wednesday, July 17, 2013. Photograph by: Ric Ernst, Vancouver Sun Re: The return of the Interurban, [...]


Light Rail Vehicle & Tramcar orders – 2013

The following table gives the totals for Trams/LRV’s on order + options, as at February 2013 Source Tramways & Urban Transit No 904 April 2013 Manufacturer City’s Orders Options Sub-Total Orders Pending Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? OrdersAi?? Options Alstom Bordeaux, Dubai, Nottingham, Ottawa, Paris, Toulouse 188 91 2701 792 587 AnsaldoBreda Genoa, Firenza 68 7 [...]


SkyTrain Is At The Centre Of TransLink’s Finacial Woes

SkyTrain, the sum of TransLink’s financial evils. Long time transit advocate, Malcolm Johnston has had a very good letter printed in the weeklies and at least one daily newspaper, pointing out that the SkyTrain and light-metro are at the root of TransLink’s financial ills. No doubt the SkyTrain lobby will react negatively to Mr. Johnston’s [...]

Light rail: SkyTrain most costly route

Light rail: SkyTrain most costly route LANGLEY ADVANCE DECEMBER 31, 2010 Dear Editor, While local mayors bicker with TransLink over the funding of yet another grossly expensive metro line for the region, Rail for the Valley, in association with Leewood Projects in the UK, has provided the region with a far cheaper alternative: a TramTrain [...]

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Fraser Valley Transit Study shows dated thinking about rail Published: December 29, 2010 2:00 PM Updated: December 29, 2010 2:21 PM The long awaited $400,000 Fraser Valley Transit StudyAi??Ai??has stale-dated by the September release of the independent Rail for The Valley/Leewood Interurban Report. The RftV/Leewood gives actual costs forAi??Ai??a 21st centuryAi??Ai??Fraser Valley interurban and the [...]

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