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A Vancouver Sun $8.5 Billion Puff Piece

The Vancouver Sun, as always, has embarrassedAi?? itself with another transit “Puff Piece”. Nathan Pachall is not a transit expert, rather a politician and a seemingly TransLink apologist. Zwei would never dare to do a report card on transit because there are so many variables involved. No one has copied Merto Vancouver’s TransLink, nor it’s […]

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SkyTrain Incidents – A Most Curious Article

Gregory (Scotland YardAi??detective): ai???Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?ai??? Holmes: ai???To the curious incident of the dog in the Gregory: ai???The dog did nothing in the Holmes: ai???That was the curious It is interesting what is not reported. It seems, Postmedia did not report […]


This Is No April Fools – None The Less, The Fool Is The CBC

I just shake my head at this. At first, I thought it was an April fools joke, but no, it’s not, rather it is a reporting farce. A chap who is a mining shill, with no expertise in public transport is calling for a subway to be built to UBC. All he is trying to […]

The Canada Line has about one half the capacity of the Expo and the Millennium/Evergreen Lines.

Diva’s On Transit

Zwei always is amused when photo-op divas talk transit, especially LRT and like most politicians, they now nothing what they are talking about. The Canada Line is not LRT; rapid transit is not LRT and SkyTrain is not LRT. What the politicos are doing is mouthing “Trump” style talking points and sound bytes to look […]

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Sparkle Ponies and Fairy Dust

The appalling reporting on transit by the local media continues, all what is reported is sparkle ponies and fairy dust. Here are the financial problems that TransLink faces: Estimated cost of the Broadway subway – $3 billion+ Estimated cost to refurbish the Expo and Millennium Lines to allow higher capacity – $2 billion to $3 […]


More SkyTrain “Puff “Stories From the Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun is famous for its ‘puff’” stories about SkyTrain but with each “puff” story comes little slips and new information. 870 employees seems a lot for a “driverless” system, which was sold to the public that it had fewer employees, thus cheaper to operate than light rail. Somewhat inconveniently, SkyTrain costs about 40% […]


The Desperate Hours – Basket Weaving Grade For TransLink

The only agency that can come close is assessing public transit systems in Canada is the Canadian urban Transit Association and they do a reasonable job at it. The preceding graph is from C.U.T.A. and shows that the cost per revenue passenger in Metro Vancouver is about one third higher than Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. […]


Eric Chris On “Puff” Stories In The Local Media

Eric Chris sent this letter to a local scribe who works for one of the dailies. It is worth a read because Mr. Chris is an Engineer and knows a thing or two about maths and indeed, he seems to know more about calculations than those working in the premier’s office; oh sorry, I mean […]


Why the car is winning the commuter war – Simple, it is called SkyTrain

The modern tram brings fast, reliable and user-friendly public transport to densely populated European Cities, like Amsterdam. The ability of the transit customer of having his/hers transit on the pavement and easily accessible, makes modern light-rail the first choice of transit planners around the world. Sadly, not so in Metro Vancouver. A bit of a […]

TramTrain – TransLink Fears Success

A candid conversation with a former TransLink planner all most a year ago (I gather from an email he is happily motoring along in his motor home in New Mexico), may shed some light on TransLink’s current planning and fiscal ills. The problem seems to be TransLink’s planners and bureaucrats are afraid of success. Why? […]