SkyTrain ills

Oops, the transit system that never breaks down, according to the SkyTrain lobby was on the fritz again.  A stuck train caused transit chaos Wednesday afternoon, not a train that has broken down, mind you, a stuck train (glue on the tracks?). Well, trains normally don’t get stuck but when that do in the case [...]


Zwei Reflects And Makes A Prediction

The Rail for the Valley Blog was started on December 8, 2008, to bolster awareness of the then newly formed Rail for the Valley group and the need for an affordable rail service from Vancouver to Chilliwack. One can only write so much about the Rail for the Valley project and the blog branched out [...]


A tram in the snow!

An Innsbruck to Igls tram in 2009, a cool picture for a hot summers day! Almost could be a tram leaving Chilliwack for Vancouver in winter.

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