Bombardier “Stuffed It Up” in London. Is Transit Planning “Stuffed Up” In Metro Vancouver?

Not all is well with Bombardier Inc.

The massive transit conglomerate has had too easy for too long and now is accused ofAi?? “‘duping’ the British capital into awarding it a train-signalling contract that it was incapable of delivering, creating ai???nothing short of a disasterai??? for the London Underground.”

I would like to remind everyone that Bombardier’s influence on TransLink in the past being the sole supplier of ALRT/ART SkyTrain, is now affecting our present transit planning with a $3 billion subway under Broadway to Arbutus and the $2.5 poor man’s SkyTrain disguised as LRT in Surrey.

Is Bombardier’s legacy helping to “stuff it up” in Metro Vancouver?

Bombardier Inc slammed by London for ai???shamefulai??i?? Tube project: ai???Nothing short of aAi??disasterai??i??


Kristine Owram | March 14, 2016 |


Londonai??i??s city council has lambasted Bombardier Inc. for ai???dupingai??? the British capital into awarding it a train-signalling contract that it was incapable of delivering, creating ai???nothing short of a disasterai??? for the London Underground.

How Bombardier keeps information about its government funding under wraps

Bombardier Inc. has gone to great lengths to suppress the release of information about the government funding it receives, heading to court 10 times in nine years, often citing competitive concerns

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The scathing report, prepared by the London Assemblyai??i??s Budget & Performance Committee, doesnai??i??t mince words in its criticism of Bombardier and Transport for London (TfL), the government body that awarded the contract.

London Mayor Boris Johnson also didnai??i??t equivocate, telling the committee that Bombardier ai???totally stuffed it

In June 2011, Bombardierai??i??s transportation division was awarded a contract to upgrade the London Undergroundai??i??s automatic train control, or signalling system.

The company said it could do the job by 2018 for 354 million pounds (about $670 million) but it quickly became apparent that it wouldnai??i??t be able to deliver on time or on budget, according to the report, which calls Bombardierai??i??s performance ai???

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One Response to “Bombardier “Stuffed It Up” in London. Is Transit Planning “Stuffed Up” In Metro Vancouver?”
  1. eric chris says:

    Bomb-bardier is not an engineering firm. It is a manufacturer of trains and needs to let firms that do engineering, do the engineering. There are only a handful of reputable and capable engineering firms in North America and Europe. They are Fluor, AMEC, Bechtel and Jacobs. They’ve all had failures in the past but will stand behind their work and have the talent to fix mistakes. They all have engineers running things from the top and do not compromise on ethics which they hold paramount to protect their good name.

    Then there is SNC Lavalin which doesn’t have a good name and has no reputation to protect – it wins contracts by bribing crooked individuals – and there is no shortage of them in BC. SNC Lavalin is despised in the engineering industry and gives engineering a bad name. No decent firm hires SNC Lavalin which is TransLink’s non-engineering firm of choice.

    SNC Lavalin pretends to do engineering but is actually a headhunter hiring engineers off the street. Engineers at SNC Lavalin are on their own, to sink or swim. Buffoons who majored in accounting, public administration and marketing run SNC Lavalin. TransLink has synergy with SNC Lavalin for this reason: buffoons who majored in accounting, public administration and marketing, yup, run TransLink, too.

    TransLink is about to be wiped off the face of the earth, and its demise is going to be TransLink attempting to trick the federal government into funding driverless induction rail transit (DIRT) based on information contradicting the truth from other transit organizations putting forward proposals for LRT and tram lines – for the $20 billion up for grabs for public transit from the Liberals. What TransLink says about DIRT is rubbish and the federal government with academics who don’t take kindly to scumbags trying to fool them are going to tear the new and overpaid “public administrator” – slash – “TransLink CEO” who is showing up at the wrong time, into pieces.

    Gregor Robertson has some explaining to do, too. It won’t surprise me if he throws his top transportation engineer under the bus and blames him for suggesting the subway under Broadway when Robertson feels the heat for not going with trams along the recently purchased corridor from CP Rail. Gregor the fare evader Robertson sure isn’t going to take the blame for the subway along Broadway.

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