Broadway on the Radio

On News 1130 today.

Light rail advocate argues against Broadway subway option.

A Broadway subway is all about subsidizing Vision(less) backers and supporters, who have invested heavily assembling lands at potential subway stations, not about moving people efficiently or affordably.

Light rail advocate argues against Broadway subway option

The mayor of Vancouver thinks an underground system would be better

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) ai??i?? The fight for the future of transit service along the Broadway corridor is heating up.

The mayor of Vancouver has spoken out in favour of a subway ai??i?? but one advocate is pushing some NDP MLAs to support light rail instead.

Local light rail advocate Donald Johnston says ridership is only about a third of what it would need to be to justify a subway.

He adds if itai??i??s built, it would need to be subsidized, and would take money away from other projects like schools, hospitals, and transit south of the Fraser.

ai???I think the Metro mayors are naively following goosestep with Gregor Robertsonai??i??s demand for a subway along Broadway. Thereai??i??s no justification for it,ai??? Johnston says.

He argues supports and span wires for LRT are already in place from when streetcars ran along Broadway six decades ago.

Two traffic lanes would be lost if LRT went in.

Johnston says the cost to build LRT could be a tenth of the cost of building a subway ai??i?? and ai??i?? he says capacity would be higher.

He says SkyTrain is at capacity now because the stations are small. ai???If you want to increase capacity for a subway, that means youai??i??re going have to rebuild every SkyTrain station along the route. Thatai??i??s going be several billions of

Johnston thinks there would be pushback for the loss of two lanes.

ai???Sure, youai??i??re going to lose auto space. But, hasnai??i??t the City of Vancouver done that with bike lanes? The Burrard Bridge? Why are they lighting their hair on fire about light rail on Broadway? Theyai??i??ve already done it for bicycles. Light rail is far more important, better transit along Broadwayai??i??s far more important than a bike lane,ai??? Johnston says.

Heai??i??s sent letters to Vancouver MLA, David Eby, and NDP leader, John Horgan.

Vancouverai??i??s mayor has said a subway is a priority but it isnai??i??t known how it would be funded.


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  1. Haveacow says:

    I was not able to listen to the radio spot and the radio station’s website doesn’t seem to have a archive feature that recorded it. Does any one have a link or a recording of it?

    Zwei replies: Sorry no. Basically what was said on the radio was reproduced on the ‘printed’ news item.

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