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Croydon residents praise Tramlink heroes for keeping service running through snow

Croydon Guardian

As trains were cancelled throughout last week and buses struggled to get around due to icy roads, Croydonai??i??s Tramlink managed to run a regular service.

A heroic effort from the Tramlink team mean the service was, at times, the only reliable public transport operating in the borough. The trams usually carry an average of 89,000 people a day, during the worst of the snow fall, this rose to 108,000 residents.

Dedicated staff put in hours of overtime, managers and admin staff trekked to Croydon from Central London and set to work shovelling snow off platforms and gritting them to keep them ice free, as well as clearing fallen tree branches and snow from the tracks.

Tramlink ran ghost trams throughout the night to keep the rails clear and when tram drivers were unable to get to work, their colleagues worked overtime and ticket inspectors – who are also trained drivers – volunteered to help.

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