Tramway Turnkey Solutions

Alstom Citidas Dualis Tram-Train

Combining the best of trains and tramways

The challenge

The urban fabric now extends well beyond the city centre, with regional and urban networks tending to merge. Users’ needs are changing. They want to be able to move with ease from the city centre to neighbouring towns without having to change their transportation mode.

Turnkey Tramway Solutions

Your Project Delivered

For new and established rail network owners and operators looking

to simplify the tendering process, shrink the overall schedule and

mitigate the risks associated with new systems projects, signing a

single global contract can make good sense. For one thing, this ai???all-inai???

turnkey approach reduces the risks of extended tender negotiations and

interface management between myriad suppliers and sub-contractors.

Uneven project management typically leads to scheduling delays,

cost overruns and greater disturbance of local life. A global contract

awarded to a single supplier – one that has design and manufacturing

capabilities, in house testing and, above all, systems engineering and

project management expertise – minimizes incompatibility issues

between critical subsystems (such as signaling, track and rolling

stock). This makes commissioning surprise-free and allows a smooth

introduction of the new, high performance transport system on-time and to-cost.

A radical solution to delivering the Fraser Valley – Chilliwack to Surrey Interurban Tram-Train






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