Expanding Calgary’s Light Rail

Already emission-free, doubling in size since 2001 and taking delivery of new Siemens SD160NG LRV’s, Canada’s CTrain is a model of sucessful light rail.


Light Rail in Calgary is in the midst of a mini revolution. New vehicles, new stations and new routes are all part of a major expansion described by the Canadian city’s then mayor Dave Bronconnier in 2010 as-

`double, double, double’

Ai??Ai??The Light Rail Transit Association LRTA http://www.lrta.org/explain.htmlAi??Ai??Ai??Ai??has published a report in the August 2010 issue of Tramways & Urban Transit TAUT http://www.tramnews.net/default.asp on Calgary’s West LRT expansion:-

http://www.westlrt.ca/Ai??Ai??and http://www.westlrt.ca/contentabout/route_animation.cfm



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