Professor Condon on CBC Radio


A BCIT to UBC surface light rail line would reduce traffic congestion, while at the same time allow cars to access merchants along Broadway

UBC Planning Professor Patrick Condon was on CBC Radio on Jan. 29, echoing the growing concern about the proposed Broadway SkyTrain subway sucking away federal monies from other local transit needs.

Interesting, that the good professor, states that TransLink’s two top planners were fired because of their support for light rail, which would cost a third to build than a subway!

Listen to the broadcast here.


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  1. eric chris says:

    Fantastic and thanks for sharing. Interestingly, aside from the CBC and The Tyee (which presumably don’t receive much in the way of “advertising” revenue from TransLink) here, there wasn’t much coverage of Patrick Condon’s proposed tram line to UBC – nothing in the Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight… 24 Hours – that I could find.

    Obviously, the millions of dollars which TransLink collects from drivers paying gas taxes is being used to censor the news and shape the news about transit in the Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight… 24 Hours. Couldn’t TransLink bribing newspapers find itself in court over this? How much has six months of comp-ass advertising in the newspapers cost, $10 million? Whatever it is, it is a lot for TransLink which is $3.6 billion in debt.

    Six months of full page advertising by TransLink about the arrival of comp-ass is over-doing it. Certain TransLink employees spending money intended for transit operations on bribes could end up going to jail over it. There are people working to make this happen.

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