TransLink’s New Bus – The World Comes Knocking On Our Door!

The 1950′s Flying Bus caused an equal sensation!

TransLink rolls-out block-long bus to solve the pass-up problem

Behold, the B.C. Bus Train: the motor coach with the most

Ai?? Ai?? Ai??04/01/2016

The $370 million pledged to TransLink in the federal budget is starting to arrive in Metro Vancouver.

The first of three ultra-articulated, block-long buses will make its debut today after a series of late night and early morning tests near the Tsawwassen ferry terminal this week.

TransLink's congestion-clearing super-bus.


TransLinkai??i??s congestion-clearing super-bus.



At 200-metres long, the B.C. Bus Train can hold 500 passengers. The 14-wheeled accordion bus, which runs onAi??natural gas, is like six buses in one. It even comes with free wifi, space for an on-board bike mechanic, a barista stand and disc jockey.

The surprise addition to the Coast Mountain Bus Company fleet could go a long way to solving the problem of 1,000-plus passengers left behind every week by full buses around the region.

The bus will be christenedAi??shortly before noon on April 1Ai??by new TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond and Coast Mountainai??i??s chief driver Larry Aprilscherz at Broadway and Commercial. First 500 passengers ride for free. The bus will run rush hours on the route to the University of B.C.Ai??A second vehicle will arrive next month to serve the Fraser Highway in Surrey.


Oh, by the way, it’s April 1

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