TTC defies Mayor Rob Ford in favour of Light Rail

TorontoAi??LRT/subway tussle continues

The Toronto City Council Wednesday, in defiance of Mayor Rob Ford, readied a vote to advance light rail transit above ground along Sheppard Ave. and not a subway option.

So what price for the dogma of so many Canadian politicians, from East to West, Ontario, Toronto, Waterloo, Surrey, Vancouver & Victoria.

BC politicians, Translink & their Skytrain followers should heed the painful Ai??lessons being learnt in Toronto

Railway Age March 21st
Late Wednesday evening, in an effort to head off a defeat,Ai??Mayor Ford and council supporters employed a filibuster Wednesday, suspending the debate.
Ford earlier had said that council action favouring light rail transit, and not subway construction, would prompt him to curtail rail transit expansion of any kind within Canada’s largest city.
As the meeting began Wednesday, allies of the mayor supporting subway construction unveiledAi??a call for new taxes to help pay for the option, though Mayor Ford has not said he would adjust his position on taxes to address the issue.
Ontario province has allotted C$8.4 million toward expanding rail transit in Toronto, but is waiting for a final political decision before disbursing any funds.
Mayor Ford was elected mayor in October 2010. His campaign in part included a pledge to end an alleged “war on cars,” which he said included placing streetcars and LRT on city streets at the expense of automotive traffic.
The Toronto City Council already has voted in favor of adding LRT at grade along Elington Ave. and Fitch Ave.
Councillor Josh Matlow was philosophical about the delay.Ai??ai???Itai??i??s going to be the same vote tomorrow as it was today,ai??? he said Wednesday evening.

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