What – SkyTrain Ka-Put Again?

For a transit system that it’s supporters claims to be almost problem free, the proprietary ART/ALRT mini-metro has stopped working several times in the past week, mostly during the rush hour.

There is a new word in TransLink’s lexicon and it is “timed out”, what ever that means.

As for smooth talking Drennan’s claim thatAi?? “this delay has nothing to do with the changes to the SkyTrain system“, I wouldn’t believe a word of it as truth and honesty has “timed out” at TransLink.

SkyTrain problem solved but backlog will take time to ease

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Posted: October 24, 2016 08:25 am
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SkyTrain problem solved but backlog will take time to easeTransLink says normal service has resumed on the Expo and Millennium SkyTrain lines, after a problem with a train at the Lougheed Town Centre Station earlier Monday morning.

Spokesperson Anne Drennan:

ai???We had a timed-out train on the Millennium line in the Lougheed Town Centre Station area. That train had to be driven manually into the platform. All normal service has resumed. People will notice some delays for a short period of time with some crowding on the platforms.ai???

Drennan expects that to clear up shortly.

She says this delay has nothing to do with the changes to the SkyTrain system that went into effect on Saturday.


3 Responses to “What – SkyTrain Ka-Put Again?”
  1. eric chris says:

    I shudder to think of the carnage on s-train if some nut case discharges an “incendiary device” one day on the s-train with people trapped 10 metres in the air in the steel coffins operated by TransLink. What could make some sicko do what he did to the poor bus driver in Brisbane? Racism and intolerance are the two aspects which I never quite got use to in Australian society. Australia could do a much better job of encouraging tolerance and understanding of different cultures and people.



    If I had my way, s-train would be converted to moving freight to cut down on the trucks on our roads and the dangers to passengers on s-train. S-train is a disaster waiting to happen and I’ll never get on the s-train death trap. Not a chance.

  2. eric chris says:

    Well, it didn’t take long catching up on the Aussie news to read of another Aussie making Australia proud on the tram:


    I see not much has changed since my last time in the land of Oz.

  3. eric chris says:

    Just one more comment this week, how was it that a dog managed to get onto the s-train tracks and killed? Isn’t there some sort of emergency button to de-energize the (put in the appropriate expletive) tracks in an emergency to stop the trains? Who designed this (put in the appropriate expletive) amateurish public transit system, monkeys or engineers? During engineering design by competent engineers, a rigorous hazard analysis is performed to ensure that the design includes the ability to stop rotating equipment in an emergency.

    “We rushed over but it was too late. In her panic, she had made her way to the platform and onto the tracks. Sky train staff tried to coax her off the tracks, but to no avail. She was hit by a train,” Fluevog said.

    The family were only able to retrieve the dog’s collar, and the SkyTrain workers who tried to save her were upset by the incident, she said.”


    Suspend the CEO of TransLink in charge. Shut down the Mickey Mouse operation at TransLink. What next, a child wanders onto the tracks and is hit by s-train while s-train employees watch? (Insert the appropriate expletive).