24 Hour Operation for SkyTrain? Not Going To Happen.

One has to laugh at the armchair experts, who think it’s so simple to offer a 24 hour servcie on the SkyTrain light metro system. The ignorance about the SkyTrain light-metro system operation is endemic.

SkyTrain does not magically move people from point A to point B, rather a lot of man-hours are spent ensuring safe operation of the light-metro system and it comes at a cost.

SkyTrain costs about 40% more to operate than comparable LRT lines.

The notion that TransLink runs; “a world class transit system”, is a fiction. TransLink repeats this fiction to try to get the public to believe it (repeat a lie often enough the public will come around to believing it.).

No one has copied Vancouver’s transit planning, nor its exclusive use of light metro.

TransLink operated three light-metro lines:

  1. The Expo Line, Advanced Light Rail Transit System.
  2. The Millennium and Evergreen Line Bombardier Inc. and SNC Lavalin’s rebuilt and revampedAi?? ALRT system now marketed as Advanced Rapid Transit. (ALRT/ART is compatible in operation, though the trains cannot operate coupled together.)
  3. The Canada Line, the worlds only heavy-rail metro, built as a light metro and has less capacity than a simple LRT system costing a fraction to build. The Canada Line vehicles cannot operate on the ALRT/ART Lines. The Canada Line is recognized internationally as classic “White Elephant”.

The cost to operate the faux P-3 Canada line is around $110 million annually, at least twice as much as comparable LRT operations.

Automatic transit systems are expensive to maintain, because they must be at 100% to operate or the signalling system will shut it down. Automatic railways need 4 to 5 hours of downtime daily to do preventative maintenance to ensure problem free running as even the simplest of problem requires the system to shut down, with obvious results. This is expensive.

A full complement of transit police, attendants and control room staff must be on duty during ours of operation, which again adds to the operating costs if the light metro were to operate around the clock.

The question boils down to this: “Will the cash strapped TransLink finance 24 hour operation of the light-metro system which will cater to a very few people, by curtailing transit servcie elsewhere?”

In comparison, many cities that operate trams or light rail, do offer 24 hour servcie on important routes. Unlike automatic light-metro, signalling is not centralized, but local and much simpler; stations/stops do not need staff; with a driver, a problem can be assessed on the fly, and operations are not stopped; maintenance can be done while the route is in operation; and there are no excessive operational costs.

Those who want 24 hour servcie for Vancouver, should think trams and not SkyTrain.


TransLink could offer 24-hour SkyTrain service, but thereai??i??s a catch: official


By Digital Reporter Ai??CKNW

Members of the downtown Vancouver entertainment industry are renewing calls for TransLink to operate late-night SkyTrain service on the weekends.

It comes after an official with the transit agency appeared to suggest to a CTV reporter that all night service, along the lines of that in other major world cities, was ai???feasible.ai???

But speaking with CKNWai??i??s Steele & Drex, a TransLink spokesperson said the situation isnai??i??t quite so simple.

ai???If youai??i??re running a world class transit system and youai??i??re not able to supply the people that use the system with safe transportation for an extra hour-and-a-half or an hour-and-45-minutes on Friday or Saturday nightsai??i?? I donai??i??t buy it in the least,ai??? said Curtis Robinson.

Heai??i??s a former Vancouver police officer, and currently the chair of BarWatch, an association for safe bars and nightclubs in the city.

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The following gives an insight with the high cost of the SkyTrain light-metro. Even though this is from 1993, it only gives the cost for the Expo Line. Just the Expo Line cost $23.51 million more to subsidize than the entire bus system!


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  1. Disco Dan says:

    Has anyone ever been on a SkyTrain when someone pukes?


    I have and the smell and being trapped inside the car is nasty.

    I imagine SkyTrain cleaners very aware of it.

    I take a taxi now!