A Message To Premier Horgan: A Train Waiting for You At The Station (Updated)

A Message To Mr. Horgan: A Train Waiting for You At The Station

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The election is over and now the province has a NDP/Green coalition government.

Rail For The Valley has a message for now Premier Horgan, The Vancouver to Chilliwack TramTrain is waiting at the station for you to board.

There is a plan in place, which has received international recognition, that could once again see an affordable passenger rail service from Vancouver, through the Fraser Valley to Chilliwack..

The Leewood Study has been ignored by most politicians, but not all and the time is right to put shovel to ground as regional traffic congestion in the Fraser Valley has become endemic and relief is needed.

Do not listen to the SkyTrain Lobby, as the aging gadgetbahnen is becoming extremely expensive to operate and maintain. No one has bought an ALRT/ART transit system in over a decade as it is too expensive not only to build, but to operate and maintain.

Do not listen to the light-metro lobby, as huge construction costs ($130 mil/km) make it unsustainable. Also, being elevated has not proven to be an advantage over at-grade LRT, in fact the opposite is true as at-grade transit is easier and cheaper to maintain and operate.

Do not listen to the subway lobby, as they live in a land of sparkle ponies and pixie dust. Subways are hugely expensive to build and hugely expensive to maintain, costing the operating authorities huge sums of tax money to operate. Due to their nature, subways do not attract ridership, in fact subways tend to deter ridership!

The former BC Liberal Government had absolutely no care for regional transit, except for building multi billion bridges and highways and has left good transportation planningAi?? to rot.

The Leewood Study even though seven years old, gives the region an affordable 21st century solution for transportation from downtown Vancouver to Chilliwack, connecting the population centres of Vancouver/Burnaby; North and South Surrey/Cloverdale; Langley; Abbotsford; and Chilliwack/Sardis.

Do not be left at the station with the baggage of unworkable or unaffordable solutions and board the train with a ticket for success!

The 21st Century is very user-friendly.

A TramTrain being tested in Sheffield, UK.


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  1. Donna Dobo says:

    Let’s hope he’s ready to listen.

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