A Sudsy Trip to Chilliwack?

Doing research for a group on the amenities a tram or TramTrain may bring to a region, I discovered an new sort of tram, the “Beer Tram”, a pub on wheels!

Helsinki, has one, Brno has one, as does Fukui,  Nagasaki and several other cities in Japan have them. In fact several cities in Europe have these little gems.

Maybe a pub tramtrain service from Vancouver to Chilliwack, using a vintage interurban will, let’s say, lubricate the politicians to support reinstating a passenger interurban rail service!

Just sayin……………

Pub tram in Helsinki, Finland


Beer tram in Fukui, Japan

Brno Beer tam

Beer taps in a tram!


Inside Bruno pub tramBrno beer tram, salut!


5 Responses to “A Sudsy Trip to Chilliwack?”
  1. Haveacow says:

    Melbourne has a restaurant tram, where as Toronto has one that has snacks but delivers riders on a kind of restaurant crawl to several locations throughout downtown. Basel had a zoo tram with pictures of animals and fun seating and yes it went to the zoo. Many cities have trams that provides tours to specific places or the key locations in cities. A booze tram or a BRV (Boozer Rail Vehicle ) is easily done. Simply putting a motor on a mainline railway observation car like VIA Rail’s historic “Park Cars” (Algonquin Park, Banff Park, Jasper Park, etc,etc ) isn’t difficult at all.

  2. Haveacow says:

    Almost forgot, you can buy coffee from a Starbucks on L.A.’s Metrolink Commuter Rail Coach Cars which are similar to GO Transit’s and the West Coast Express’s bi-level Commuter Rail Coaches made by Bombardier.

  3. Steve Cooley says:

    Way back when, before I was of age, I seem to remember that the transcontinental Canadian passenger train was ‘licenced’.

  4. Justin says:

    This would be a great incentive to get people to leave car at home and take the train. A beer would be nice way to relieve the boredom of long train trips.

    The westcoast express should add a pub on the train. It would be great to have a drink after work on way to mission. Currently you can buy a coffee on the platform.

    In England, all trains sell drinks and food.

    Via rail still sell drinks on their train from Vancouver.

    A new westcoast express south of fraser river is needed. Two possible routes, CN tracks or winding old interurban route.

    Zwei replies: That winding old interurban route service more towns than the CN route, thus a much higher potential for attracting ridership.

  5. Haveacow says:

    One more point, since everyone on transit now has to wear a mask you going to have to design masks that, either have straw holes or a filter which can be used for sipping drinks.

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