Adios the Detroit “Mugger mover”?

It seems while the locals try to reinvent the SkyTrain light-metroAi??in Vancouver,Ai??the Detroit ICTS system is close to shutting its doors. If the Detroit “Mugger Mover” and the Toronto Scarborough go into the history books, it will mean the end of the firstAi??generation of the SkyTrain ICTS/ALRT light metro system,Ai??leaving only five SkyTrain type systems left in operation.

The financially-troubled automated downtown Detroit people mover which operates a loop service may be closed, WDIV reports. A reprieve might come if an alternative funding source is found.


The Detroit ICTS/SkyTrain people mover.

DETROIT — Unless an alternative source of money is found within the next few weeks, the Detroit People Mover will shut down at the end of December.

The light rail’s ridership has been down and Detroit was forced to pull millions of dollars out of the subsidy because of the ongoing budget crisis.

The city has been seeking an alternative source for funding the People Mover, but that source has not been found. The city has been selling some of the 13 stops’ naming rights, but it hasn’t been enough to cover operation costs.

To help cover costs, the operations staff has been cut and the ticket price was raised from 50 cents to 75 cents.

Mayor Dave Bing’s office said the administration is hoping the state will release escrow funds to operate the system.

City Council President Charles Pugh insists the People Mover will not completely cease operations.

“Our goal is to not let it shut down, or severely decrease it to the point where it’s insignificant,” Pugh said. “The People Mover does serve a function, and we have to keep that in mind — that it serves an important function.”

Regardless of the system’s importance as a mode of transportation downtown, Pugh said the People Mover does take a backseat to the Police Department, EMS and Fire Department. He said the City Council’s subsidy for the system was $4 million and that they recently removed $1 million from that.

He said the operating staff was working to become more efficient and that he was confident the system would not close, but the city may need to cut back on the system’s operating hours and make it event-based.

The People Mover began operating in 1987. The track runs a three-mile loop around Detroit’s downtown. There are 13 stops.

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