All highways and no rail

There’ll be an “announcement about the South Fraser Perimeter Road” tomorrow. Probably a funding announcement.

The SFPR is a new proposed highway from Deltaport to the Trans Canada Highway, primarily for trucks. It’s a major part of BC’s $10 billion Gateway project, which is focused entirely on road-building to the exclusion of rail.

Looking at the bigger picture… Where is the Interurban light rail announcement? Where is the New Westminster rail bridge announcement? Where is the announcement of the re-routing of heavy freight traffic away from downtown Langley?

The BC government’s current focus – all highways and no rail – in this day and age – I think is completely unacceptable. Other governments sure aren’t taking this approach. In the U.S., strong signs that Obama in the coming weeks will unveil a huge infrastructure stimulus program, heavily focusing on rail. In BC, so far nothing.

For anyone who is interested, this bulletin from


Tomorrow — Monday Jan. 12, 2pm — Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon, and Federal reps will be making an “announcement about the South Fraser Perimeter Road” at the Surrey Fraser Docks.This announcement may concern new Federal funding for the SFPR.

MAJOR MEDIA WILL BE THERE. Let’s greet them with a large outside presence, and let them know that the people of the Lower Mainland demand TRANSIT NOT FREEWAYS — GREEN WAYS, NOT GATEWAY!

The announcement will be behind the fence on Port property, so public access will be controlled (interesting, that they need to control access for a public announcement…what are they afraid of?).

Please join us there between 1 and 2 pm, with signs, drums and banners if you got em! (we will have some extra to share).

The announcement site is at the Surrey Fraser Docks on Elevator Road. Google map To get to the site: you can take the #640 bus from Scott Road Station. (bus schedule) Ask the driver to let you off at River Rd & Elevator Rd. OR take the #312 from Scott Road Station to Townline Divers

Thanks all! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, as we continue to demand better solutions than Gateway and, in the leadup to the Provincial election, let our leaders know what the public wants.

You might also be interested in signing this petition.


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  1. Malcolm J. says:


    This pure BC politics, ‘rubber on asphalt’. Rail is only to be built for political prestige.

    Campbell and his ilk want cars and trucks as they are conspicuous shows of wealth.

    Until the population wake up and demand politicians that the time is here for change, blacktop politics will reign supreme.

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