An Election come And Gone

Just brief notes on the election or deciphering the entrails before they get cold.

It seems the SkyTrain/TransLink curse has now caused the Liberal Minister responsible for TransLink, Peter Fassbender to lose his seat.

Regional transportation has been made the “kiss of death” for politicians by successive NDP and Liberal governments and combined with weak leadership and management in TransLink has made TransLink a black hole for just about everyone.

By forcing politically motivated transit construction onto TransLink, without any public debate only exacerbates the situation.

On Vancouver Island, E & N politics or lack there of, by the Liberals, helped the NDP secure needed seats.

The Fraser River replacement bridge for the Massey Tunnel, will be a hot topic as massively escalating costs and questionable benefits, other than letting massive tankers and colliers ply the Fraser, may be mothballed for now.

The Regional Mayor’s Ten Year transit plan is in jeopardy as the two major pieces, the Broadway Subway and Surrey’s lackluster LRT, come under greater scrutiny, especially with another plebiscite promised by the Liberals. Another plebiscite will once again doom financing and with no plan B, rubber on asphalt will become the the transit mode of choice.

The Greens must join in a coalition with the NDP to both gain credibility and sustain a change of government and government priorities and if they join the Liberals, they will be toast in the next election.

The NDP must shake off the phantom of previous bad transit decisions and look at workable and affordable transit solutions that may be contrary to local regional thought. Hint: Transit is built to move people, not to sell condos.

The Liberals, have shown no interest in regional transit, will continue to show no interest in regional transit, instead preferring vanity mega bridge and highway projects.

Road pricing has been put on a pedestal of being the great transit panacea, its not and for regional road pricing to work, taxes must be shifted off gas (gas taxes are road pricing) onto a distance based system. For real road pricing to be accepted by the population, an affordable public transit alternative must be in place. The region doesn’t have, nor is one being planned for and this must change.

The Leewood/Rail for the Valley Transportation study would give the best bang for ones buck by linking communities from Vancouver and Richmond to Chilliwack. Support for Leewood/RftV TramTrain could prove to be an electoral winner, by giving the region over 130 km of rail transit, at half the cost of a 7 km Broadway subway to Arbutus and or a poorly planned LRT in Surrey.

The Leewood/RftV TramTrain study just makes sense in today’s world and if the NDP or Greens could grasp the importance of this, they may be able to secure Liberal seats in the upper Fraser Valley.


TramTrain, a cost effective way to deal with local transportation congestion.


3 Responses to “An Election come And Gone”
  1. Emily says:

    If I was a betting person the Greens will support the libs, as well do not be surprised within the next month Weaver officially crosses the floor to the libs either. the guy is a snake.

    Zwei replies: If he did, on both counts, he would effective destroy the provincial Green Party.

  2. Dennis says:

    I agree Emily, he is not the person he pretends to be. I highly doubt that the Liberals will give up anytime soon as there is a hell of a good chance that the coalition will dissolve into nothingness once the absentee vote is counted and the Liberals end up with another majority. If that happens the Island has again shot itself in the foot electing Orange in the south. I have never seen such politically unsavvy people that this Island is home to.

    Zwei Replies: The Liberals do not give a damn about Vancouver Island. The E&N is ample proof of this.

    For under $350 million, they could get a regional rail network up and running using TramTrain in Greater Victoria and Nanaimo, most of it paid for by the feds. Instead they are going to spend $12 billion on a new bridge replacing the perfectly good Massey Tunnel and $6 billion and change on ill planned subway under Broadway in Vancouver and extremely badly planned LRT in Surrey.

  3. eric chris says:

    As a previous advisor on transit to the Greens two elections ago, I couldn’t be happier with the new Green/NDP team. It is only going to take a couple of former rugby players jumping the sinking Liberal ship to turn the minority government into a majority one.

    “I’m a rugby guy, said Weaver. I’m hanging out with my rugby guys here. … Weaver said he saw Horgan in the crowd and the two decided to sit together.”

    Rest assured, there will be real environmental and social impact studies for all future transportation projects. Pouring concrete for s-train to ride on a concrete viaduct or in a concrete subway isn’t Green.

    Greens favour trams. I’m practically giddy over the prospect of trams running along Broadway in Vancouver and running between Chilliwack and Vancouver. Expect to see an announcement on sustainable timber bridges (rather than the massive Massey concrete bridge) to help the forestry industry which is key to the long term and stable growth of the BC economy.

    “Our objective as we form a government is to ensure that we keep the economy going and that we prepare for the economy of the future, Horgan said Monday. … That’s the exciting part about looking at our two platforms together, and bringing them together in the form of this agreement on key issues we can absolutely agree on: to grow the economy, to create the economy for the future, as well as making sure foundational industries, like forestry, are front and centre.”

    Join the team. Support forestry and trams.

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