and Now…….Here is The Real Story

The reason the TransLink is making the change may prove rather interesting.

The story starts with the old Broadway-Lougheed rapid transit project which was planned for light rail operating from Arbutus and Broadway to Lougheed Mall and the Tri-Cities. This is the transit line that the NDP (under the leadership of Glen Clark and Joy McPhail) government of the day flipped flopped from LRT to the obsolete SkyTrain light-metro system.

It is obvious that the NDP of the day did not care about good transit or a user friendly transit system and by forcing an expensive SkyTrain solution which ensured only part of the original line could be built.

Thus was born the Evergreen Line, the bastard child of the Millennium Line.

Now engineers at the time did not want limit line operation and realizing that a seamless journey to downtown Vancouver would attract ridership, planned for a “Y” junction at Lougheed mall for future considerations, permitting Tri-City transit customers to take trains to Vancouver, via New West and the Expo Line, or customers taking transit via the Millennium Line and transferring to the Expo Line at Broadway.

Now, with visions of the $3 billion subway under Broadway to Arbutus, and cost overruns on the Evergreen Line, all thoughts of a “Y” junction at Lougheed Mall vanished. Now with no planned junction at all, transit customers from the Tri-Cities wishing to go to New West must transfer at Lougheed Mall and for customers wishing to go to Surrey, two transfers; one at Lougheed Mall and the other at Columbia Street Station.

Not good transit planning at all, especially when it has been proven over and over again that forced transfers deter ridership.

Sadly, the new CEO, Kevin Desmond, hasn’t a clue and why he is CEO of TransLink.

Changes are coming to the Expo and Millennium SkyTrain line

by Martin MacMahon

Posted Sep 19, 2016

Last Updated Sep 19, 2016

(Martin MacMahon, NEWS1130 Photo

The Expo SkyTrain line will soon have two routes

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) ai??i?? If you ever use SkyTrain youai??i??ll want to know about this ai??i?? changes are coming to the Expo and Millennium lines ahead of the Evergreen extension coming online in December.

The Expo line will have two routes, both will start at Waterfront but one will run to King George and the other will go to Production-Way University station.

The Millennium Line will no longer go to waterfront instead running between VCC-Clark and Lougheed Town Centre before eventually connecting with the Evergreen line.

ai???Mid-October we are going to be doing some testing to make sure that we can operate the whole system effectively and make sure that our staff are familiar with the Evergreen extensions, all the stations and how to drive trains in that area,ai??? explains Ian Fisher with the BC Rapid Transit Company.

TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond calls this a milestone to celebrate, ai???we are focused on helping our customers make a smooth transition to the new operating pattern. By doing this well in advance of opening the Evergreen extension, we are giving our customers a chance to adjust and learn how the changes may affect how they travel on our

The change kicks in on Oct 22nd.


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  1. Haveacow says:

    This decision makes some sense Zwei, when you look at the system ridership. There are fewer and fewer passengers on the Millennium Line as you travel away from the Expo Line/Millennium Line Interchange at the Broadway-Commercial Station, regardless if it is morning or afternoon peak, let alone off peak. I had always suspected that the people at Translink would have to do something like this considering the really complex operation that you already have. You also have to consider that, Sapperton, Braid, Lougheed Town Centre and Production Way-University Stations have some of the lowest ridership on the entire system and that until you see the effect that the new extension has on the existing network simplification is the best and cheapest option. I agree a Y connection at Lougheed would be useful however, the complexity of too many stations offering multiple line services, even if it does provide a direct seat to a specific location, lowers the individual lies service frequency as well as the total system capacity, while increasing the complexity of the network’s operations. But most importantly, it creates too many options for passengers that can make the system more difficult for people to figure out, especially for new users. On top of that, when you look at the low numbers the Evergreen extension will initially produce, it makes sense to simplify operations and then wait to add the more direct but more operationally complex travel options later even if it adds a transfer. Looking at the data, there are very few current or potential riders who will or currently want to travel from for example, Surrey to Port Moody or Coquitlam. Not enough anyway to take capacity away from the current service. When you have a much better idea as to what the numbers for a specific service will really be then Translink can make the changes you suggested. However, had it been an LRT network not this very difficult to deploy system of light metro train consists, this kind of network complexity could have been much more easily handled, without the need for computers.

    Zwei replies: The “Y” would make also easier for Evergreeen line cars to access the maintenance depot.

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