And the Weather Does Not Affect SkyTrain, Or Does It?

Contrary to the constant spin that the grade separated SkyTrain is not bothered with weather or such problems, today’s rain caused several stations to close.

Despite all the recent hype and hoopla, SkyTrain operation is affected by circumstances beyond its control.

For all the extra costs associated with SkyTrain, service does cease when problems happen.

SkyTrain service disrupted as stations flood

by Estefania Duran and Hana Mae Nassar

Posted Dec 11, 2018

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Flooding forced TransLink to put the brakes on service between a number of stations Tuesday afternoon due to heavy rain across the region.

Commuters experienced heavy delays after service between Columbia and Scott Road Stations, as well as Columbia and Sapperton, was forced to shut down.

Service has since resumed, but delays are still expected as crowds disperse.

Here’s what it looked like in the Columbia Tunnel an hour ago. Crews are on scene pumping water out of the tunnel and it has subsided substantially. Stay tuned for further updates. ^at

“We’ve got staff on scene, we’ve got them with pumps, and we’re also sourcing a pumper truck to get in there and get that water down, hopefully, get service running as soon as possible,” said Chris Bryan with TransLink.

He said the situation was highly unusual.

MAJOR transit delays btw if you’re trying to get anywhere by skytrain – Columbia station is completely out of commission. There are bus bridges but it’s pretty wild wild west. @NEWS1130 @TransLink

— Bex Peterson (@RP_FilmAndMusic) December 11, 2018

Bus bridges were in effect, but commuters still experienced long waits.

“We have a lot of buses that are serving these stations,” he added. “But buses can’t replace that same kind of capacity so there’s going to be significant delays likely until this clears up.”

Just got off at #newwest and man, that’s a long line for the bus bridge, it’s wrapping around the block.

— Ria Renouf Hall (@riarenouf) December 12, 2018

@TransLink @CKNW @NEWS1130
Columbia Street complete chaos due to flooding. Bus Bridge
I can’t believe we don’t plan for rain

-With files from Charmaine de Silva and Bruce Claggett

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