Another Crash And Fatality On Hwy. 7

Too many auto deaths in the Fraser Valley this year, but with no alternatives but to drive and ever increasing population growth, leading to more cars and more congestion, more and more accidents and fatalities will occur.

I sorry, only five West Coast Express Trains in and out of Vancouver doesn’t cut it, yet our politicians fret over silly transit projects like the $2.5 billion Surrey LRT which will do nothing and the even sillier $3 billion Broadway subway, which being built, not to reduce congestion, but make Vancouver politicians feel that their city is world class.

The Rail for the Valley/Leewood TramTrain would make a good start providing a viable alternative to the car.

What is world class is the massive congestion in the Fraser Valley, complete with daily accidents and weekly deaths.

Our politicians do nothing and like the proverbial Nero, fiddle, while the region burns with gridlock and death.

Pitt River Bridge reopens westbound to traffic following fatal accident

Amy Judd Online News Producer Ai??Global News

One person has died in a rollover crash in Pitt Meadows overnight.

It is not yet known how the accident happened just before 2:30 a.m. but the fatal rollover closed the Pitt River Bridge westbound to all traffic for hours during the morning commute.

The Lougheed Highway was also closed westbound from Harris Road to the Pitt River Bridge.

Drivers are still being asked to detour via the Golden Ears Bridge,Ai??Highway 1, and the Port Mann Bridge and to leave extra travel time this morning as the closure has created lots of congestion in the area.

Crews on scene at the crash near the Pitt River Bridge Thursday morning.

Crews on scene at the crash near the Pitt River Bridge Thursday morning.


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