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The following is an “letter to the editor” in Friday’s province and I must give credit to Mr. Chris Cullen for his sensible views.

Zwei says; “Bulls-eye Mr. Cullen”, you have deduced the Arbutus question most logically!

Rail is green

I am amused by all the concern over the Arbutus ai???green wayai??? potentially being reactivated for freight-rail use.

The Canadian Pacific Railwayai??i??s intent with their information letters is almost certainly to bluff and wake up the westside Vancouver ai???crA?me de la crA?meai??? NIMBY police. The resulting cries of protest to spur city hall to come up with the money to buy the corridor is the obvious intent.

Molson was the last shipper on the line and would likely be the reason for its reactivation. In a city that professes to be the ai???greenestai??? in the world, I would assume that there would be at least one person aware that rail is by far the most efficient and ai???greenai??? mode of transport. Such a switch would remove a sizable number of trucks from the roads every day.

So letai??i??s stop with the alarmist garbage about evil, fire-breathing freight train out to destroy everyoneai??i??s quality of life (and property values) along the Arbutus corridor. The trains were there as long as anyone can recall; why has everyone assumed they would never be back?

This is almost certainly a bluff. However, if it turns out not to be, all the better, as far as I am concerned. Did it occur to anyone that having freight in the mix (only once a day) could help the argument and control costs to retain the line for some sort of public transport?

A heritage streetcar or light rail could be accommodated. Itai??i??s done in many places.

Having the tracks torn up and replaced with yet another mountain of condominiums is not in the public interest. Anyone losing sleep or crusading about the issue needs to give their head a shake.

Chris Cullen, North Vancouver


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  1. eric chris says:

    It should be economically feasible to run combined freight and passenger LNG trams along the existing Arbutus corridor to UBC along West 16th Avenue and to extend the tram line all the way to Chilliwack at some point, possibly. This mitigates the social and environmental impacts such as noise and PM2.5 (diesel emissions) along the Arbutus corridor from CP running diesel trains for freight and makes CP money.

    In fact, the provincial government is very keen to expand the LNG industry into transportation (transit and rail). Moreover, the COV can pass a by-law (after we replace Gregor Robertson and his Vision party members) to convert all diesel buses in Vancouver into LNG buses. The provincial government will love it. To do all this means firing all the COV planners and engineers who are bilking taxpayers to make a living from ST and BRT here – the sooner the better.