Autonomous Trams – Coming Sooner Than You Think

Driverless trams are coming much sooner than one thinks.

A recent article in Tramways & Urban Transit, illustrates the strides taken with automatic operation of trams and light rail.

For several years tram manufactures have been experimenting with forward, side and rear scanning radar to prevent accidents, in fact most of the modern safety features on today’s automobiles have come from these experiments.

Trams, which are guided by rails would be much safer than an autonomous bus because if something goes wrong with a tram, it stays on its tracks, not so with a bus which can skew and cause an accident.

What may beA� of local interest, the autonomous tram will be cheaper to operate than the driverless SkyTrain!


Stockholm City Autonomous Tram by Vanessa Sattele, Patrik Pettersson & Fredrik Nilsson




Vanessa Sattele

A project sponsored by Alstom to designed a future autonomous tram for Stockholm City, 2025 saw three designers- Vanessa Sattele, Patrik Pettersson & Fredrik Nilsson came up with this double decker tram that designed in a Scandinavian way, being clean, simple and bright at the same time as it is timeless, open and user friendly.

Stockholm City
Autonomous Tram

The new double-decker the tram carries about 170 passengers, but on a smaller footprint than standard trams, hence it creates less of a blockade in traffic. It also gives an opportunity to have less seats on the street level floor, creating a more spacious and accessible area for wheelchairs, prams or lots of luggage. Having doors on the second floor opens up new possibilities, not only to speed up the flow of exiting and entering the tram, but also offers instant access to big shopping centers directly from the second floor.

Vanessa Sattele
Stockholm City

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