Christmas Eve in Trondheim

Christmas eve and the dependable tram is ready to take one to Christmas festivities.


Numbered Line 1, it is operated by Boreal Bane, a subsidiary of Boreal Norge and is often simply called the GrA?kallen Line (GrA?kallbanen). GrA?kallbanen operates five tram cars, out of a total rolling stock of nine articulated tram cars built by Linke-Hofmann-Busch in 1984. In addition heritage cars from the Trondheim Tramway Museum are available for chartered tours.

The tram operates at 15 minute headway in the daytime on weekdays, and partly on Saturdays, otherwise at 30 minutes headway. The line has 21 stations remaining in use. The tram service is integrated into the city bus system with free transfers. The overall responsibility for public transport in Trondheim is managed by SA?r-TrA?ndelag county municipality, who subsidize the operations.

Previously there were three lines in Trondheim, including Ladelinjen to Lade and Singsakerlinjen to Singsaker in addition to tracks to Ila, Elgeseter, Trondheim Central Station and Lademoen. The line to Singsaker was closed in 1968 while the rest of the network was closed in 1983 and 1988, though the line to Lian was reopened in 1990.

Since 2004, the tramway has been the most northern in the world, following the closure of the Arkhangelsk tram system on 21 July 2004.Trondheim is also unique in that it is one of two rail lines in Norway built to metre gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3a?i??8 in) (along with the heritage railway Thamshavnbanen) and in that the tramway is one of two in the world (along with the Cairo tramways) to use 2.6 m wide cars in combination with metre gauge.


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  1. Haveacow says:

    Nice, I used to have a Tramway and Urban Transit Magazine (you know the LTRA’s magazine) from August or September in 1989, it had a different name then. Anyway, it was about Trondheim’s system which had just gone through a minor upgrade. There was a fantastic winter scene in it and for many years I had a blow up of it in my room. You should check it out! There was also a great article in the next magazine about road pricing in Stockholm.

  2. Haveacow says:

    We were so busy during the holidays that I forgot to pass on this particular and extremely serious question from my 7 year old son Christopher. He asked if the line in Trondheim goes to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole?

    Zwei relies: I think one must transfer onto the Reindeer Express at the end of the line.

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