Compass Card Fiasco

Installed but not working. Until the compass Card becomes operational

the turnstiles stay idle, paying silent testament to TransLink’s incompetence.

As expected, TransLink’s new Compass Card is turning into a fiasco and now the transit agency is contemplating a single zone for buses.

Because of TransLink’s simple three zone fare system and full fare/concession fare ticket system, there was no need for a very complicated fare card system.

The mainstream media, coupled with a former well known radio host banged the drum for turnstiles because of perceived rampant fare evasion, even though fare evasion was well within industry norms.

The annual operating costs, coupled with the set costs of the new fare card/turnstile system cost more than what was lost due to fare evasion!

Enter former TransLink CEO and good pal of former Premier Gordon Campbell, Ken Dobell, who was acting as a lobbyist for Cubit Industries, flogging an outdated fare card/turnstile system and TransLink was compelled to buy.

After almost $200 hundred million or so dollars spent, the turnstiles are installed but the Compass Card is not workable and now TransLink is contemplating a one zone fare for all buses to make the compass Card work.

The kicker is, if there is only one zone for buses there is really no need for a fare card as all that is needed is a transfer to prove that a fare was paid, which is very easy for anyone checking fares to see.

Stay tuned, the sitcom called TransLink is set to continue; a boring little show, with little comedy but a lot of pathos.

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