Conundrum! A No Means Yes!

A “YES” vote in the upcoming TransLink referendum will probably increase

the cost per revenue passenger as the transit system seems to have a hard

time attracting new ridership, especially the motorist from the car!


I am not going to make this blog, home central for a “No” vote in the upcoming TransLink referendum, but it is hard, as the only local transit news will be about the referendum!

The Vancouver Sun’s Don Cayo inked a piece “Hold your nose and vote Yes to the transit tax” which completely misses the mark.

There is something wrong with TransLink and throwing more money at this ponderous beast will not solve regional congestion nor attract much new ridership, what more money will do is increase an already bloated bureaucracy within TransLink and continue planning and building with hugely expensive SkyTrain, mostly in hugely expensive subways.

I am deeply saddened by the NDP’s tacit support for the referendum, as it seems NDP John Horgan has lost control of the party which is now seen taking its direction from likes of Geoff Meggs, Dix, and an assorted number of yesterday’s people. With great distress, it seems that the NDP’s transit and transportation policies are ensnared in the same Bombardier/SNC Lavalin web as the BC Liberals. The support of the referendum will come back to haunt them in 2017.

The Vancouver Sun of course, is fully wedded to the SkyTrain model, will repeat TransLink exaggerations ad nauseum, pretending it to be good journalism.

So, what does the referendum mean for the Rail for the Valley group?

The answer is simple as the referendum is nothing more than TransLink not looking out of the box and continuing with its expensive transit planning, which in the past has done little to alleviate congestion and all of the sundry of associated problems.

In the strange world of BC transit politics, the Rail for the Valley interurban project has a better chance to succeed with a “NO” vote than a “YES” vote!

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