Cowardly TransLink Hides The Truth

This is a rather strange story.

A dog is scared by fireworks and ends up on the SkyTrain’s tracks, how, TransLink isn’t saying.

I would wager Transport Canada would like to know.

SkyTrain is a driverless light-metro and when it operates at-grade it must be completely fenced off to prevent egress by people and animals.

Obviously it is not and thus operating illegally and TransLink would really not like that broadcasted, thus TransLink redacted the complete report.

Cowards, but then TransLink has always acted cowardly.


Note fence to prevent egress

CKNW Exclusive: Owner of dog killed on SkyTrain tracks still looking for answers

Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk

Posted: March 07, 2017

It was a tragic story last year when a dog spooked by fireworks was hit and killed by SkyTrain.

Itai??i??s been almost five months since ai???Maggieai??? died,Ai??but a CKNW investigation reveals many questions remain unanswered.

ai???Weai??i??ve been in the dark for this so much andai??i?? I really just, all I want to know is what happened,ai??? says Ali Fluevog, Maggieai??i??s owner.

Fluevog was shocked to see a Freedom of Information request filed by CKNW about the events leading up to Maggieai??i??s death was returned almost completely blacked out.

ai???I justai??i??I think itai??i??s very strange. I donai??i??t know why, I donai??i??t know what couldai??i??ve happened that we donai??i??t already know, but I donai??i??t knowai??i??it just seems really weird. I guess theyai??i??re just covering themselves really well against any legal ramifications thatai??i??s my

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She says TransLink has been outwardly cooperative, but says the trust was broken a while ago.

ai???They must have a good reason for doing this. Their lawyers are probably quite savvy about how to deal with these sorts of things. Iai??i??m not a lawyer, I donai??i??t know how these sorts of things

She says her family wonai??i??t have closure until they know what happened.

ai???My job as a dog owner, when I adopted her, is to take care of her and protect her. She protected me and I protected her, and that was our deal. So, Iai??i??m not going to take it lying


But Chris Bryan with TransLink says the information was withheld due to an ongoing investigation.

ai???The BC SPCA has its own investigation and in order to protect the integrity in that investigation we have to withhold our report until thatai??i??s

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He says theyai??i??ve been updating the family about the progress.

ai???We know that for the family itai??i??s really important that they get the information. We know that they would like a sense of closure with this particular incident, so itai??i??s our hope to get that information to them as soon as

But Fluevog says she doesnai??i??t understand how a BC SPCA investigation changes what happened that night.

She says TransLinkai??i??s internal report was finished months ago, but they still havenai??i??t shared its findings with her.

The BC SPCA says they continue to work on their investigation and will be making recommendations once itai??i??s over.



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  1. TH says:

    If memory serves, I believe the media reported at the time of the incident that the dog entered the guideway from the platforms at Nanaimo Station. Trains were stopped for a period of time but ultimately SkyTrain decided to resume train service when it couldn’t locate the dog on the tracks.

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