“Even your Auditor General seems to have done his sums on the back of envelopes.”

The above quote came from a European transit expert, when I asked him to comment on BC’s Auditor General’s claim that “SkyTrain and not light rail was the best option because of its greater capacity at similar costai??i??.ai???. I apologize for again questioning the AG’s findings, but the AG’s Department is so far off the mark, so wrong that, clarification is essential.

When a blunder is so vast, it must be pointed out and dealt with and quickly.

Capacity is a function of headway and a modern light rail car cost less than a married pair of SkyTrain cars and if LRT can be built at one half, or one third, or one quarter of that of SkyTrain, modern light rail can provide more capacity than SkyTrain, at a cheaper cost!

It is that simple!

British Columbia’s Auditor General’s Department, must readdress this issue because, the AG’s department erroneous calculations and claims about SkyTrain seems to have been done on the back of an envelope.



One Response to ““Even your Auditor General seems to have done his sums on the back of envelopes.””
  1. I. K. Brunel says:

    Really, the comedy show that has become the province of British Columbia is too much!

    Doesn’t you Auditor General read any books, even picture books?

    It beggars the mind that the your Auditor General’s Department is so bereft of facts, that the department made public such a claim.

    Capacity has been so overstated in your part of the world that it has taken on a life of its own. That LRT can operate at the same headways as your SkyTrain and trams generally have a larger capacity than your “spam cans on wheels” and light rail can be built at a much cheaper cost, it is only logical that modern light rail can supply higher capacities that SkyTrain. Really is that so complex an issue that your Auditor General cannot understand?

    Has he ever wondered why no one buys Skytrain? Evidently not.

    The powers that be, in your part of the world cannot begin to comprehend the damage they are doing to their reputations, with this nonsense debate between a failed mini-metro system and light rail.

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