Financial Ills for TransLink

This is to be expected.

The one big problem is that the SkyTrain light metro network needs about the same compliment of workers whether it operates at peak capacity or at a much reduced capacity.

Unlike buses, where service can be reduced, with drivers laid off,  the light-metro system needs a full workforce to keep it in operation.

Thus the SkyTrain light-metro’s already costly operation and maintenance schedule does not reduce with reduced service as preventative maintenance must be carried on to ensure smooth driverless operation; stations must be policed for passenger safety; and the same number of control staff is needed for operation.

Just another reason why light metro has seen better times and is considered obsolete by today’s knowledgeable planners.

Time for a rethink on how Translink provides transit.

TransLink losing $75-million a month amid COVID-19 pandemic

by Martin MacMahon and Kathryn Tindale

Posted Apr 13, 2020

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — NEWS 1130 has learned the transportation authority is taking a financial hit to the tune of $75-million monthly amid the slowdown in movement due to COVID-19.

Further details are expected to be shared by the Chair of the TransLink Mayors’ Council Tuesday.

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