France Opens Its 24th Tramway In 35 Years!

As Metro Vancouver blunders along opening a new light metro line every decade or so, France has just opened their 24th tramway, in just 35 years!

While Metro Vancouver is spending $4.6 billion to build 12.8 km of the obsolete Movia Automatic Light Metro system, the City of Caen, just opened a 16 km, 3 line tramway (LRT) system, costing $373 million.

A new illuminated tram for Paris. Paris or Ille-de-France 104.7 km tram system boasts 10 lines, servicng 186 stations or stops.

Bordeaux’s 66 km, 3 line network, services 116 stations or stops and carries over 300,000 customers a day.

Strasbourg’s 65 km, 6 line tram network has 82 stations/stops and has a daily ridership of 457,000.

Nice’s 16.2 tram system has 2 lines and 2 lines under construction and carries over 100,000 customers a day.

Dijon’s tramway opened in 2012, has to lines totaling 20 km in length.

Tours’s tramway opened in 2013 and today the 29 stop system carries over 55,000 customers a day.


2 Responses to “France Opens Its 24th Tramway In 35 Years!”
  1. Hank says:

    If LRT is so wonderful, then why is CBC publishing another article about the problems in Ottawa.

    LRT is not good for Canada.

    Zwei replies: It is called teething problems sunshine and an obstinate ridership that are keeping doors open when they try to close.

    The Expo Line had terrible teething problems, including the wheels wearing out so fast that new ones had to be air freighted to Vancouver to keep the system operating during Expo.

    The CBC is playing Bombardier’s tune because they failed to build a SkyTrain clone in Ottawa, as they found our SkyTrain system far too expensive to build, operate and maintain.

    By the way, Edmonton and Calgary operate their light rail systems without many problems, for decades.

    By the way, our SkyTrain system craps out in the winter as well, much to the chagrin of passengers.

  2. Haveacow says:

    It’s not just the doors, were having control system issues. They tried to add a driverless option very late in the design phase and now we’re paying for it. If they just opted for driver/operator only control system 65-70% of the issues wouldn’t exist.

    The public is angry because when about 20% of the bus fleet was cut, the result ended up cutting over 35% of the actual route-km’s. On top of all this, they consolidated many of the bus routes and changed others massively, followed by altering the route numbering system, into a region based system, which confused everyone. Some bus route numbers that hadn’t changed since the end of streetcar service in 1959 were suddenly and shockingly different overnight. Or it appeared to be overnight because very few people bothered to readthe literature given to the public on the buses or bother to look at O.C. Transpo’s website and look at the changes most of which, had been on the website up to a year and a half ago.

    But since the public doesn’t like to read important things but will gladly read unimportant entertainment news and internet trash because it’s more fun, a great many of the regular passengers were surprised. Not realizing that, its your responsibility as an adult, or it used to be, to be aware of general news and important local events. It’s sad that when asked, over 45% of adults living in Ottawa, don’t know who the name of their own mayor. When almost half of adults in Ottawa don’t know the name Jim Watson, the complete surprise of many O.C. Transpo’s adult passengers, regarding the massive changes leading up to the opening of the LRT is not a surprise.

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