GetOnBoard Want’s Valley Tax Money

The pro transit group GetOnBoard BC (well Rail for the Valley is a pro transit group as well) wants a yes vote in the upcoming TransLink referendum, but they seem to be a little naive about public transit in general and firmly believe that the more money you throw at TransLink, the better it will be.

Expensive beliefs.

In a news feature in the Georgia Straight OnBoard BC pleads their case, but refuse to accept that the main problem with TransLink is their extremely dated light-metro planning which is both expensive and unproductive. TransLink has a planning/spending problem, not a funding program.

Until one tackles the endemic problems associated with TransLink, its ponderous bureaucracy will be forever be at the taxpayer’s door begging for new funding for dodgy transit schemes that will do little in creating an affordable and efficient public transit network for the Metro Vancouver region and the Fraser Valley.

OnBoard BC’s naive belief that more taxes and user fees will improve transit, will soon turn to disappointment when TransLink, empowered by new sources of revenue will just do the same things over again, expecting different results.


One Response to “GetOnBoard Want’s Valley Tax Money”
  1. eric chris says:

    Here is my comment to the Georgia Straight article by GOB, we’ll see if it gets posted:

    It has been a long time since I’ve tried to post on the Georgia Straight. Here goes, I support transit, at least well engineered transit aimed at making transit better not only for users to get to school and work and but also to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

    Transit by TransLink is a business aimed at providing employment for 500 staff earning well over $100,000 annually on average. Employees of TransLink do nothing of any value to operate transit.

    As a chemical engineer who designs much more complicated process plants than simple transit networks, and living by UBC, I understand the transit issues much better than anyone at TransLink or the City of Vancouver. I also know how to fix the transit quagmire created by greedy and corrupt individuals who are motivated to fill their pockets with cash from developers using transit as a tool to build up density.

    Rather than start at Commercial Drive as proposed by TransLink (for developers to make a killing from the construction of tall towers) – the logical starting point to alleviate transit demand at UBC, is to commence the rail line at UBC. There are numerous routes (West 4th, West 10th and West 16th) to build a high volume at grade rail line to replace the diesel buses currently used. Any or all of these routes could be used.

    Rail transit at grade from UBC to Arbutus Street could be completed in 12 months and would pay for itself by replacing well over 100 buses, possibly even reducing transit costs. Simply replace everyone at TransLink and do it – more funding for TransLink isn‘t the answer.