Good News Everyone – Valley Rail One Legal Step Closer

The following is from our friend Mr. Haveacow, from Ottawa, who is a transportation engineer.

Zwei has always stressed that for modern LRTAi?? and TramTrain to operate in BC, the legalities of both must be dealt with.

For trams and LRT, the rules of the the road must be addressed, such as who has the legal rights-0f-way and laws concerning the motorist and trams, must be updated to 21st century standards; just what is happening now with driverless cars.

For TramTrain, the rules and legalities must be addressed for track-sharing.

If TramTrain is being allowed to operate in the UK, then it should be of little problem to do the same here as the UK has some of the toughest railways rules and regulations on the planet.

As Ontario’s transit needs are being met, by updating Transport Canada’s rules and regulations, so shall B.C.’s

Over to you Mr. Cow!

Photo: A TramTrain under trials in Sheffield, U.K.

Just a little note about the release of the possible Smart Track Line Reports in Toronto. If you didn’t know about this lineAi??and its connection to where your interests are is this:
1. Smart Track is a surface Heavy Rail/Subway/Metro type operation that plans to use existing GO Transit Lines and or available railway track and their rights of way. The reports were very positive for the proposal except in the western section which also happened to mirror the planned phase 2 section of the Eglinton LRT. Well surprise, surprise the experts agreed, keep the western section an LRT line, its cheaper and will attract more people. So two lines one surface Metro/Heavy Rail line running on railway corridors and a surface LRT line as well. A total of 53km of service in all, for about $8 Billion.
2. GO Transit is building part of its RER (Regional Express Rail) System along the same set of lines (Cost: $13.5 Billion over the next 10 years). The Ontario portion of the Smart Track proposal is actually the major infrastructure improvements required in the RER program.
3. This is the important part for you, I’m only 1/3 of the way into the new reports released yesterday but, it has been identified that legally speaking, to allow surface running Metro/Subway type trains to operateAi??on GO Transit owned,Ai??main line railway rights of way, the Transport Canada rules which actually forbid it, have to be changed. The Federal Liberals have already said they plan to honor the election promise for $2.6 Billion in fundingAi??for the line. The clarification was needed because it was originally a Conservative Election promise and yes, it is confirmed,Ai??Toronto will get its cash and soon.Ai??Since the Feds are behind it, I sense a growingAi??desire for change suddenly appearing at Transport Canada.Ai??This makes your Tram-Train for the first time, really for the first time buddy, an affordable real alternative to certain Skytrain lines.Ai??
As I pointed out yesterday, the Broadway Line from VCCAi??to Arbutus, length 6.5 km is set to cost between $2.1-$2.5 Billion to build. That is, $323-$390 Million per km. The over budget, full scale subway extension (not a Light Metro operating technology) to the SpadinaAi??SubwayAi??in Toronto, can currently handle slightly more than twiceAi??the theoretical peak load of the Skytrain System using the existing 60 year old signaling system, not the new updated one that is currently being installed across the whole Yonge University Spadina Line. The new signaling system, whichAi??is being installed asAi??the basic signal system on the Spadina Subway extension isAi??expected toAi??increase the peak load anywhere from 15-25%. TheAi??over budget and late, Spadina extensionAi??costs only $373 Million per km. The next extension to the Montreal Metro’s Blue Line from St. Michel to Anjou which also greatly surpasses the peak capacity of the SkytrainAi??system, is only expected to cost $250-$300 Million per km!
If you are going to put something in a tunnel it better be really worth it.*

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