How much does a subway cost to build?

Ever how much it costs to build a subway?

The proposed 2.5 km (aprox.) London Northern Line extension from Kennington to Battersea Power Station will cost A?870 million or CAD $1,483.6m or put another way, the proposed subway extension will cost over $575.44m per km to build.

It seems TransLink builds its subways on the cheap, which mean two things:

  1. TransLink’s subways will lack capacity due lack of spending for large stations and station platforms.
  2. Translink is downloading massive subway construction costs onto future generations who must ante up billions of dollars in the future to retro fit the cheap subways being built today, to accommodate larger capacities.

TransLink’s grand subway plans will leave the taxpayer exposed to massive tax hikes in the future.


The public inquiry into the proposed A?870m (CAD 1,483.6m) extension of London Undergroundai??i??s Northern Line from Kennington to Battersea began this week.

It is expected to run for four weeks.

The inquiry, called for by the secretary of state for transport, is part of the Transport & Works Act Order (TWAO) process. As part of that procedure, a breakdown of estimated costs has been produced (see below).

The independent inspector will consider evidence that has been submitted by Transport for London, individuals and organizations with an interest in the project. If planning powers are obtained from the government, and funding secured, then construction of the Northern line extension could begin in 2015 with new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station opening in 2020.

Estimate of costs

  • Surveying, drilling and soil sampling: A?531,769 ($906,829.12Ai??CAD)
  • Acquisition of land and rights over land: A?23,105,372 ($39,401,740.64Ai??CAD)
  • Earthworks (including land reclamation and landscaping): A?319,061 ($544,096.79Ai??CAD)
  • Fees of professional and other advisers, in connection with the implementation of the project once authorised: A?20,236,085 ($34,508,726.92Ai??CAD)
  • Tunnels and bridges: A?289,193,582 ($493,163,689.94Ai??CAD)
  • Highway works, including alterations to and relocation of existing services and statutory undertakersai??i?? apparatus: A?2,127,074 ($3,627,313.08Ai??CAD)
  • Permanent way or other supporting/guiding structures:Ai?? A?76,160,566 ($129,877,106.87Ai??CAD)
  • Workshops, depots, stations and other buildings: A?285,092,193 ($486,169,564.69Ai??CAD)
  • Electrical plant and equipment: A?43,167,471 ($73,613,768.11Ai??CAD)
  • Signalling and communications: A?43,167,471 ($73,613,768.11Ai??CAD)
  • Vehicles: A?68,378,149 ($116,605,700.72Ai??CAD)
  • Alteration, modification and removal of existing works: A?16,811,263 ($28,668,355.76Ai??CAD)
  • Total: A?868,290,056 ($1,480,700,660.75Ai??CAD)

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