Hydrogen Trains Coming To North America

Hydrogen is coming and where is BC?


Metro Vancouver?

Our politicians still want expensive 1960′s transit systems; something to cut ribbons in front of at election time and not providing an affordable transit service.

Even in the transit constipated United States, hydrogen (Ballard) powered trains are now becoming a reality.

I guess, Mr. Trudeau, Horgan and regional mayors and politicians are happy spending $4.6 billion for 12.8 km of rapid transit that will look good for photo-ops but not much else.

The taxpayer, not so much, especially when cities like Caen, France can built 16 km of LRT tramway for $373 million.

Or, a 130 km. Vancouver to Chilliwack passenger interurban service for less than $1.5 billion?

Time for another plebiscite on TransLink’s spending?

US hydrogen train contract awarded

USA: Southern California’s San Bernardino County Transportation Authority has awarded Stadler a contract to supply a Flirt H2 hydrogen fuel cell powered multiple-unit to enter passenger service in 2024, with an option for a further four units.

Stadler said the contract announced on November 14 was ‘a major milestone in bringing zero-emission passenger rail technology to the USA’.

The Flirt H2 unit will have two cars with a total of 108 seats and ‘generous’ standing room, plus a central power module holding the fuel cells and the hydrogen tanks. It will have a maximum speed of 79 mile/h (127 km/h), the federal limit above which additional signalling systems are required.

It is to be deployed on the Redlands Passenger Rail Project, a 14·5 km passenger service which is being developed on a former Santa Fe freight railway alignment between the University of Redlands and the Metrolink commuter rail station in San Bernardino.

In 2017 SBCTA ordered three diesel-electric Flirt units for the line, which is currently being built by Flatiron Construction Corp. The ‘Arrow’ branded service is expected to launch in late 2021.

The order for a hydrogen unit ‘is an excellent example of how we are demonstrating our commitment to the next generation’, said SBCTA President Darcy McNaboe. ‘The hydrogen Flirt will help us address the commuting needs of today while preserving our environment for a better tomorrow.’

‘Stadler is committed to designing and building green technology for the transportation industry’, added Martin Ritter, CEO of Stadler US Inc. ‘We have an excellent relationship with SBCTA, and it is a great honour to partner with them to bring the first hydrogen-powered train to the USA.’

Stadler Flirt H2 hydrogen fuel cell multiple-unit for San Bernadino County Transportation Authority


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  1. Haveacow says:

    I wonder if the Hydrogen Fuel Cell system will work with the modular power pack section on Ottawa’s 7 new FLIRT DMU’s as part of some future upgrade?

  2. mxnet says:

    curious about it’s maximal range…

    Zwei replies: Karlsrhue longest TramTrain route S4, Karlsruhe Albtalbahnhof–Öhringen-Cappel, 73 staion/stops, 262 km.

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