Incompetence Rules Regional Transit

The minister responsible for TransLink, Selina Robinson, either doesn’t have a clue about public transport or does not care.

Most likely a lot of both, because TransLink is on a crash course of;

“When you have idiots in charge, do not be surprised at the results”.

Harsh, I think not.

Operating a public transit service is complicated at best, but TransLink has taken complication to a new level as TransLink has now become a plaything for regional mayors, to build their own prestige projects.

Example: Vancouver wants a $3 billion subway strictly for political prestige, so Vancouver’s mayor, sitting on the Mayor’s Council for Transit, supports Burnaby’s $300 million prestige gondola to SFU; Surrey’s mayor wants much more expensive SkyTrain, so he supports both Vancouver’s and Burnaby’s mayors with their prestige projects; New Westminster’s mayor wants a 4-lane bridge to replace the decrepit Patullo Bridge, so he supports, Vancouver’s over built subway, Burnaby’s daft plan for a gondola and Surrey’s flip-flop from LRT to SkyTrain and on and on it goes.

User friendly transit, forget it, transit has now become a racket where photo-op projects are now the new transit norm and the transit customer can go to hell, for all the mayor’s care.

Here is a case in point, bus service, from South Delta and South Surrey.

Prior to the Canada line opening a decade ago, transit customers from South Delta and South Surrey enjoyed direct bus service to downtown Vancouver, or a one transfer journey to UBC. After the Canada line opened all South Delta and South Surrey buses terminated at Bridgeport Station and forced their customers to inconveniently transfer to the metro.

Not only did this force an unwanted transfer onto transit customers, it increased journey times.

Ridership dropped and despite predictions of higher ridership, the opposite happened and people voted with the car. All the extra bus service from South Delta were abandoned within a year and today, South Delta residents have a bus service worse than before the Canada line opened.

It was much the same in South Surrey, but with a massive house building program, this has been masqueraded by population increase. A $2 million park and ride lot built for the expected increase in customers, remains almost unused today, a decade later!

Currently the Massey Tunnel provides a major “choke point” that TransLink, in its sheer incompetence has not taken advantage of as they refuse to provide a transit service the transit customer wants, a seamless or no transfer journey to Vancouver.

With the Massey tunnel “choke point”, TransLink could offer a variety of services, such a 30 minute 602 service, with direct service to downtown Vancouver; the 405 or 404 service, from Tsawwassen Ferry terminal to central Richmond (as the service once ran), providing a direct link to Richmond; and the 640 to Scott Road to once again terminate at the BC Ferry terminal, as it once did, providing a direct service from North Delta and North Surrey.

TransLink remains oblivious on what is needed and continues their $4.6 billion in prestige light metro projects that will not take a car off the road!

No one seems to care as regional politicians, abetted by their provincial counterparts, still us major transit projects as reelection gimmicks, nothing more and TransLink’s six figured salaried managers sit back and watch as:

“the Minister in charge of TransLink has left the building!”


2 Responses to “Incompetence Rules Regional Transit”
  1. Rico says:

    Except there is more service and more ridership from these areas. See the various performance reviews available on line (Google Translink bus performance review) or the changes in the census since 2010. Just because you want it to be true does not make it so.

    Zwei replies: you should know, you are a master of that!

  2. Robin says:

    There will never be any bus to downtown Vancouver from Delta. All buses go to Bridgeport. It is faster to take the train to downtown. There is already a 602 every 30 minutes during peak hours. There is no demand for additional bus during non peak. 601 is your only option.

    You can still have one transfer to UBC. #480 from Bridgeport station goes to UBC.

    The subway extension in Vancouver is 2.8 billion not 3 billion. Construction has already started. It will be finished in 5 years.

    The tunnel is going to replaced. Choke point will eliminated.

    Zwei replies: You are a troll as your IP address has been used before and I especially dislike people pretending to be from the media. Other than that, you are wrong on all counts.

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