Is Casino Money Laundering Driving SkyTrain Expansion?

As charges are laid in the casino money laundering fiasco where it is alleged, dirty money from abroad was laundered at BC Casino’s then invested in Vancouver’s hot housing market.

The question must be asked:

Is laundered illegal drug money driving the demand for higher density and SkyTrain expansion in Metro Vancouver?

Back in the 1990′s, the provincial Crown Corporations Secretariat stated:

SkyTrain is so expensive that it is only be built for land use purposes.

Thus planning in Metro Vancouver has been based on “hub to hub” SkyTrain lines, where properties adjacent to the light-metro line are densified to justify the construction of the extremely expensive proprietary SkyTrain light-metro.

Gerald Fox, noted American transit expert said:

But, eventually, Vancouver will need to adopt lower-cost LRT in its lesser corridors, or else limit the extent of its rail system. And that seems to make some TransLink people very nervous.

The Canada Line, which is not a proprietary light metro, was solely designed to promote high density construction on Cambie St. but light-metro was so expensive to build, especially in a subway, the scope of the project was greatly reduced. As built, the Canada Line has much less capacity than the ALRT/ART Lines and even less capacity than a simple streetcar. The Canada Line has less than half the capacity of a modern LRT line costing one third to one quarter to build, on routes that do not have the ridership to sustain them!

The Canada Line has station platforms only 40m long and can only accomodate 2car trains.

Why did then Premier Gordon Campbell, then Minister of Transportation Kevin Falcon; and the cabal running TransLink, insist on building the Canada Line, the only heavy rail metro in the world, built as a light metro and with less capacity than a simple streetcar line costing a fraction to build?

Sadly, the regional universities jumped on board this greatly flawed transit model, most notably Simon Fraser University, where unaffordable transit lines are built solely to promote higher densities along transit routes. This has paupered TransLink by building light metro lines costing up to ten times more than they should.

This is the crux of TransLink’s financial woes!

Has regional transit planning centered on creating a massive increase of density in the Metro Vancouver region, is nothing more than a vehicle to camouflageAi?? illegal drug money laundering in real-estate?

Even though Surrey is planning for LRT, it is being designed as a poor man’s SkyTrain, with costs to match. Surrey’s LRT is LRT in name only costing three to four times more than it should.

This begs many question about regional transit planning and the continued use of the obsolete light metro, especially Bombardier’s and SNC Lavalin’s ARTAi?? system (Expo, Millennium and Evergreen Lines).

  • Why do regional planners still plan for SkyTrain style light-metro, both the proprietary ALRT/ART lines and the dumbed down Canada Line heavy rail metro, when by 1986 the proprietary ALRT light metro was deemed obsolete by the TTC?
  • Why do regional politicians, planners and engineers continue to misinform taxpayers of both the real costs of SkyTrain (and light-metro) and that only seven such systems have been built (only three seriously used for rapid transit) since the late 1970′s?
  • Why are regional planners and politicians so determined to tear down affordable housing, for unaffordable high rise condos along SkyTrain lines?Why have the NDP and Liberal governments deliberately not allowed, much cheaper and more efficient LRT to be built?
  • Why is the Mayor’s Council on Transit demanding the now almost $4 billion Broadway subway on a route which doe not have the ridership to support a subway?
  • Why the deceit and deception by TransLink and the City of Vancouver about ridership along Broadway? Is TransLink deliberately creating crowded buses and pass ups in a blatant attempt to convince people that a subway is needed?
  • Why wereAi?? “goons” engaged to threaten and intimidate citizens from asking about light rail during the Broadway subway horse and pony shows?
  • How much laundered drug money is finding its way back into political parties bank accounts, in the form of donations?

It seems Metro Vancouver’s transportation planning is being driven by laundered drug money, so a question for Premier Horgan:

When are you going to stop it?


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  1. eric chris says:

    High rise condo development is predicated on transit orientated development along subway and viaduct lines. Money from investors financing developments is liquid and flows where the return is best, as explained in the KN documentary, Vancouver, No Fixed Address:

    At the end of the day, investors looking for big returns from high rise condo development along viaduct and subway lines are paying huge sums of money to purchase properties along anticipated viaduct and subway lines. They’ve driven up the cost of all properties in Vancouver, as a result. What caused Vancouver to become unaffordable? Transit orientated development increasing property values. Planning by TransLink.

    What’s going to make Vancouver affordable? Five story walk-up developments for families to work and live in Vancouver. Tram lines for five story walk-ups distributed throughout Vancouver.

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