LRT & BRT For London – Ontario That Is

London Ontario is proposing to build a Hybrid LRT and BRT System, similar to Waterloo Region’s Rapid Transit Program. The system would have both an LRT line in the Northern andAi??Eastern portion of the city and a form ofAi??BRT serving the South and West. The idea is one of four proposed by staff varying from a city wide complete BRT system to a citywide LRT system for $1.1-1.2 Billion. London Ontario is the largest city in Canada without an existing orAi??planned Rapid Transit System. The London Area has about 475,000 the city about 386,000. ThereAi??area is expected to grow by 77,000 people by 2035. The current Rapid Transit Program is part of their City Plan review process and is called “Shift”
The four choices are:
1. Complete City wide BRT Lite type SystemAi?? Cost $260 M
2. Complete City wide Full BRT System Cost $450-550 M
3. Hybrid LRT and BRT System Cost-$850-950M
4. Full City wide LRT SystemAi?? Cost $1.1-.12 Billion
The report2015-11-09_Staff_Report
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  1. Haveacow says:

    Keep in mind, they are just in the beginning of a long, long EA process. The Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee has recommended the 3rd option, a roughly 13km surface LRT Line and a roughly 12km surface BRT Line to London City Council. The Council will vote on it at the next meeting of Council. This was a bit a surprise because until recently, London was expecting to choose some form of a BRT system. Previous transit studies had identified BRT as their primary choice of Rapid Transit, so this is a bit of a shock. More exact corridor locations and full infrastructure needs will be determined further on in the process. The City of London has stated they will be willing to spend $125 Million (up to 15% of the total hybrid option) for their part of the project, financed through development charges and fuel taxes over the next 15-20 years. Their willingness to throw in their own cash, when other Ontario municipalities are expecting the province to pay100% is a big advantage for their project. Considering the small stature of London’s finances, that’s a big deal in this hard hit city.