Medical Emergancy – TransLink Speak For Another Death

On Monday last, another suicide another death on SkyTrain, yet the media and TransLink hides the fact, with the utility phrase; “medical emergancy”.

The hypocrisy of the mainstream media makes me upchuck, as if they treated suicides on SkyTrain, like the fare evasion issue, maybe TransLink would ‘lift a finger’ and do something.

One of the reasons that SkyTrain has failed to find a market is that automatic (driverless railways) are suicide generators.

This dirty little secret, kept from the public by TransLink and abetted by the media, is utterly dishonest and it is time to have a frank discussion on the issue which the powers that be are loath to do.

In the public mind, saving a few dollars is more important than a persons life.

It seems the public is more concerned about fare evasion

on SkyTrain than suicide prevention.

Medical emergency disrupts SkyTrain near Brentwood Station

By Bethany Lindsay, Vancouver Sun February 29, 2016 12:20 PM

SkyTrain service was disrupted during the Monday morning commute following a medical emergency at Brentwood Station.

Photograph by: PNG, Files

METRO VANCOUVER – SkyTrain service was disrupted during the Monday morning commute following a medical emergency at Brentwood Station.

Full Millennium line service resumed shortly before noon, a few hours after the emergency halted trains between Holdom and Gilmore. Shuttle buses transported passengers in the affected areas during the shutdown.

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One Response to “Medical Emergancy – TransLink Speak For Another Death”
  1. Mark says:

    The issue is not automatic driver-less trains as stated in the article, after all, even a train with an engineer cannot stop in time for a want-to-be suicide. Trains of any sort cannot slam on the brakes and stop on a dime. The number of injuries and or death inside the train would be even worse than the potential suicide victim. Lets not put the blame on the trains. However, I do agree that the use of the term “Medical Emergency” is rather flippant rather than telling the public the straight fact that a suicide happened.

    Zwei replies: Actually the issue of suicides was a major part of people trying to reject the Social Credit government’s forcing of SkyTrain on the region. The likes of Bill Bennett; Grace McCarthy and Bill Van der Zalm, pooh-poohed the idea. Suicide by train, especially driverless trains is a major issue and in the EEC, driverless trains must have attendants on board and platform gates to prevent injury. Not so in Metro Vancouver, where death by SkyTrain is a dirty little secret that everyone sweeps under the carpet.

    If this were the USA, there would be major litigation over this, but in the USA, death by guns kills far more people, not so in Canada.

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