Modular Trams Just Keep On Growing!

BKV, the transit operator in Budapest Hungary has just taken delivery of the 9th of a 12 unit order from SpanishAi??LRV producer CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) for the world record setting 56 metre long, 9 section, Ai??Urbos 3 (Type 100) LRV. The first unit has completed testing and hasAi??just been accepted for service. The unit will enter operational service by the end of the month.
The Urbos 3 Type 100 (means 100% low floor) LRV is just over a metre longer than the current longestAi??LRV in the world the Siemens Combino Supra, 6 section LRV, also operatedAi??in Budapest by BKV. BKV has 35 of the smaller 34 metre long, 5 sectionAi??Urbos 3 LRV. They have an option for another 40, 5 section units. The Urbos 3 (Type 100) model can be ordered in 3, 5, 7 and 9 section configurations.
CAF’s Urbos Family of LRV’s has a model specifically for Tram-Train operations, a 70% low floor unit in 3,5 and 7 sectionAi??configurations as well as the Urbos AXLAi??in 3 and 4 section configurations, for operations with tight turning radii. There is also the heavier standard 2 section, 3Ai??truckAi??Urbos LRV for the North American market. That model can be ordered in a longer 3Ai??or 4 section configuration, if necessary.
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Urbos 100

With its 100% low floor in the entire passenger saloon, the Urbos 100 is a solution that guarantees ease of access for all types of passengers. The Urbos comprises 5-car sets on 3 bogies, although 3-car up to 9-car versions are also available.


3 cars: Total capacity*: 129

tren urbos 100 con 3 coches

5 cars: Total capacity*: 221


tren urbos 100 con 5 coches

7 cars: Total capacity*: 306


tren urbos 100 con 7 coches


9 cars: Total capacity*: 397

tren urbos 100 con 9 coches



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    Got a video of the 9 section unit for Budapest.