Monkey See – Monkey Do

The Surrey LRT (in dark green) will just inconvenience the bus customer with

an unwanted transfer and one can lose upwards of 70% of potential ridership per transfer.

Well, the Liberals re-announced an already pledged monies to fund one third of the Broadway subway if elected, now it is the Conservatives turn to re-announce already pledged monies to pay one third of the Surrey LRT.

Monkey see, monkey do.

All the Conservatives are doing is re-announcing committed monies. The announcement means nothing, just Watts desperate for any vanity project to get elected.
The concept of LRT is good,Ai?? but TransLink, as usual has botched the planning and botched it badly, by designing it as a poor man’s SkyTrain, feeding the mini-metro.

It is election time in BC, where pure political hokum is spread like chicken manure on a field; the stench is eye watering.

Being cynical, I think that both political parties are well aware of the recent failed plebiscite and their promises will not be tested.

The following from our friend Haveacow, sums up the many problems with the Surrey LRT.


“ai???Trying to convince people in Surrey that, their LRT plan is useful, Translink used a Skytrain option as well as a surface BRT option to compare to LRT capability, pointing out the superiority of LRT in this case. The Skytrain option had many problems cost and general usefulness being the main ones. The BRT example they used is actually an LRT line using buses operating on a layout and design which is not even close to what a real BRT line in a on-street environment would or should be using. Its not even close to the best Canadian practices, let alone best practices used in the rest of the world, with BRT systems in a on-street environment. Did the staff doing this know enough to do this purposely or were they ignorant of the differences of what good BRT design is or is not. Their example of LRT also displays a either a serious lack of knowledge about best surface LRT operating practices in the US and Canada. More importantly it shows to me, how committed or in this case not committed, Translink staff really are to studying LRT technology at all. In fact, I donai??i??t blame the people who supported Skytrain technology for this area, like Daryl from Skytrain for Surrey, he had a point, on the surface this study definitely made it look like that to me that the Skytrain Light Metro was the superior technology choice. The difference as a professional is that, I know the real differences in all the technologies that were studied. I also have no belief that, I am the be all and end all of studying these things in the world and would also ask for much help in studying these technology choices from other friends and companies I am familiar with, whom are experts at it. To me a whole new study should be done using the actual best practices for all technologies not just the preferred LRT technology, you should seriously question major aspects and assumptions that were made in this particular Translink study.”

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