More Port Mann Woes

When replacing a perfectly good bridge, with a mega billion dollar “vanity” bridge, common sense seems to have been thrown out with the bath water.

We could have twinned the Port Mann Bridge and have enough money to build the proposed Leewood/RftV Richmond/Vancouver to Chilliwack TramTrain.

We could have good transit and transportation in Metro Vancouver if our politicians stop building expensive vanity projects to cut ribbons for photo-ops at election time, just like the massive vanity bridge that will replace the perfectly good Massey Tunnel starting, you guessed it, 2017 election year.

Instead, build what is needed and what is affordable.

Numbers from the provincial budget released earlier this month show the Port Mann Bridge lost $86 million last year.

Photograph by: Ric Ernst, PNG

METRO VANCOUVER — Drivers using the $3.3-billion Port Mann Bridge are being offered a $10 incentive to sign on to electronic toll billing as part of a move by the Crown corporation that operates the span to reduce its overhead and save up to $750,000 per year.

The move follows the release of provincial budget numbers that show the bridge lost $86 million last year, followed by projected losses of $100 million in each of the next three years, pushing its total debt to $3.68 billion by 2018. The losses are significantly higher than what was predicted in 2012-13, when it was forecast the net loss for 2014-15 would be $28.3 million.

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