More trams for Montpelier

The following happier transit news for Montpelier, is courtesy of David Cockle.

As the SkyTrain lobby still dream a Luddites dream of the world being flat and everyone builds with SkyTrain, more light rail is being built in France.

Why is France so important, you ask? Well France also has a proprietary light-metro system, called VAL and despite huge subsidies from the French Government who owned MATRA, who owned VAL, to build with the light-metro, fiscally responsible civic politicians built with LRT instead. Not so with Vancouver, whose politicians still want metro because they think subways and metros make Vancouver a world class city.

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A colourful Montpelier tram on a reserved rights-of-way. Could be the Arbutus Corridor!

Construction of Montpelier Tram Line 3 continues,

Line 3 from Juvignac crosses the future of Zac Caunelles and descends towards Montpellier. The first interchange with “line to the swallows” is located at Mosson.
La Mosson Avenue LodA?ve
The route continues to the neighborhood Avenue LodA?ve Celleneuve (Celleneuve station) where the line 3 rises to the Avenue des Moulins via Zamenhof Street and the Rue du Pilory (Pilory station). She joined the Avenue des Moulins (County Hall station) and the Rue d’Alco to serve neighborhoods and small Bard Pergola (station Pergola).

Line 3 rejoined the avenue by avenue LodA?ve Paul Bringuier to Plan cabins where it crosses the neighborhoods and Gely-Figuerolles Gambetta. On this stretch, it serves four stations: Arbors, Jules Guesde, Astruc and The Arches.
Servicing the Hotel departement, Sanofi business school and Jean Monnet High School.
Serving the LycAi??e Jules Guesde, the National Gendarmerie, the Bank of France, clinic Clementville, La Merced High School and City University.

Avenue LodA?ve to the Gare Saint-Roch
Line 3 down Gambetta serving the neighborhood Figuerolles . After the course, its layout is now single track onto the Boulevard of the Observatory and the Rue de la Republique to the train station (Gare Saint-Roch).
In the other direction, towards Juvignac, it will continue on the Boulevard du Jeu de Paume, after serving Observatory, and take the street to join the Andre Michel Cours Gambetta. At this point, the station serves the St. Denis area.

Service station and downtown.
Connection with all TER (regional trains) and TGV.
From Gare Saint-Roch Rives du Lez
From the station, route of line 3 shares the track with line 2 towards Saint-Roch-des-PrAi??s d’ArA?nes.

The route of line 3 is directly between Gare Saint-Roch and Rives du Lez via the Boulevard de Strasbourg instead of Line 2 (Station Place Carnot and Voltaire). Where is joins line 1 (Rives du Lez, MoularA?s).
Antigone service, swimming pool

Rives du Lez Avenue Raymond Dugrand
Line 3 runs in common with line 1 to station Port Marianne and forks to the right place to borrow Ernest Garnier Dugrand Raymond Avenue south neighborhoods Jacques Heart and Port Marianne served by the station Pablo Picasso.
Line 3 crosses the highway passes through the station Trinquat Bridge and arrived at the station Boirargues Lattes.
Serving the school group and the Rauze new City Hall.
Serving high school and shopping center Champollion Deep South.

Lattes and to PAi??rols
Line 3 is divided here into two branches at the roundabout of the Mediterranean. One branch goes to Lattes Centre through the stations of the Upper and Lironde Cougourlude.
The other branch continues to PAi??rols in serving 3 stations: Pailletrice, PAi??rols and Exhibition Centre. Line 3 then reaches the terminus PAi??rols-Etang de l’Or. and

Future Lines 4, 5 & 6

Tram line 4 was initially proposed to adopt the route la gare Saint-Roch et desservirait les quartiers de Figuerolles, La Chamberte, Montpellier Village, avant d’atteindre le stade Yves du Manoir Ai??.

Some views of the new Line 4 Trams

Discussions on the route of tram line 5 are still in the early stages.

Georges FrA?che has indicated that he would like to see a Line 6 following this route from Castries to Odysseum : Both Line 5 & 6 are “future wishes” with no finalised programme agreed.


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  1. Thomas Cheney says:

    Has there been discussions about routing up the King George Highway from Newton. That way one could get a direct connection to the Surrey/Langley Regional and Municipal Town Centres of Newton, Cloverdale with on transfer to White Rock, Scottsdale, Kennedy, and even Downtown.