Musings From A Funeral


Sadly, I have been attending several funerals this year, but just few weeks back at a funeral for an acquaintance I bumped in to an old BC Transit type, who I dueled with back in the 80′s and early 90′s.

Having a coffee after the service, he said something quite astounding;

You know, you were right all along“.

He went on;

We were so bedazzled by all the modern kit, flashing lights and gadgets, we forgot about the cost“.

Then he added the bombshell:

TransLink was created to keep building with SkyTrain because BC Transit wanted to wash their hands of it.”

He smiled and said;

The predictions of the high cost of the system, when compared to other modes, is just staggering and we were ready to ‘draw a line in the sand’, but the SkyTrain boys and girls did an end run, by getting the government to create TransLink

Then came the punch line;

You know that TransLink is the City of Vancouver’s baby and they control it and the rest of you pay for it, that’s the NDP’s legacy on transit

With my jaw firmly on floor, the conversation meandered with valley rail and other niceties one observes at a funeral.


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  1. Wakes and funerals are important parts of life—a lot of social mixing takes place. Clearly, here a good exchange of information.

    Unfortunately the discussion—and the waste—is no longer limited to transit. The other thing that has been going on is the linkage of public mega-projects (Skytrain and Skytrain subways) with private mega-projects (towers).

    The combination of the two on the same site, land economists tell us, ‘spikes’ the price of land.

    So, it is no longer ‘land lift’ that we are contemplating when we look at the towers being proposed for Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, the North Shore and Vancouver.

    It has become ‘land value lift.’ Fifteen-times over affordable levels last year. Seventeen-time over affordable house prices in 2018.

    Thus, ‘valley rail and other niceties’ are needed if we are going to put an end to the Housing Crisis.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is not a silver-bullet solution. The housing market in our region has been attacked on many fronts—most of the damage coming from Communist China.

    And I don’t just mean Covid-19.

    I also mean the millionaires that have made their millions in a communist economy that exploits workers to produce cheap products for multi-national corporations that then sell the T-shirts, shoes and various other products here and there.

    The trade deficit that was thus created is being balanced on the back of real estate markets run amok all over the western world, including here in B.C.

    All of this has to change before it’s time for you or I to lie flat on our backs attending our own vigil.

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