Nelson streetcar museum opens Monday

Streetcar news from Nelson BC.


Nelson streetcar museum opens Monday

The Nelson Electric Tramway Society is ready to officially open their latest project, the Car Barn Museum. On Monday they are inviting the entire community to come on down from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with free streetcar rides and museum admission. At 1 p.m. there will be a special grand opening ceremony with ribbon cutting, tours, cake, refreshments, classic cars and special guests.

The tramway society has been working toward this goal ever since they rolled out Streetcar 23 in 1992.

The idea was to create a working museum of Nelsonai??i??s history. The first phase of this project was to get Nelsonai??i??s original streetcar operational and then over time create additional opportunities to enrich and educate the community. The goalAi?? was to create a dedicated space for displays and historical artifacts.

Over the past two years the car barn, with the help and love of volunteers, has been renovated to include a dedicated museum space and displays throughout the barn.

Over the years, many artifacts and photos have been entrusted to the society by community members who wished to keep Nelsonai??i??s streetcar heritage alive for future generations. The museum project has given the society an opportunity to present these items to the public.

The artifacts are now housed in a dedicated museum space with additional equipment displayed throughout the car barn.

ai???The Car Barn Museum will have many benefits for the community, from keeping our history fresh and accessible to tourists and students, to giving retired people an opportunity to still be engaged with the community,ai??? says Jim Robertson, the project manager.

ai???The best thing about this project is that it will always be growing and developing, we are looking forward to helping keep Nelsonai??i??s history

For more information call 250-352-7672, email or come on down and visit the car barn in Lakeside Park, right beside the soccer fields and next to the Nelson Rowing Club.


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  1. eric chris says:

    It is great to see the streetcar (tram) in operation in Nelson. Going ahead with the tram line to UBC, west along the existing tracks on West 6th Avenue (from the Cambie Street subway line to Arbutus Street) and then west along West 16th Avenue along the grass to UBC is so-so easy and inexpensive to do. It also alleviates the transit demand on Broadway and eliminates the need for the subway under Broadway – hence the lack of enthusiasm for this tram line which removes about 100 diesel buses from the roads and pays for itself from operational savings.

    It is a shame that we are stuck with corrupt and ignorant individuals scheming for their dream subway line to UBC. Too bad Rambo isn’t around to take of them for bilking taxpayers to funnel money from taxpayers to the dirtbags at SNC Lavalin and other firms making their zillions of dollars from subway and elevated lines which have merely increased transit use by reducing walkers and cyclists – to increase transit costs, road congestion, carbon emissions and air pollution from all the diesel buses added to the roads to make cyclists and walkers take the stinking hub to hub debacle by the fools at TransLink.

    Sickening. But hey, as long as certain stooge reporters here are on the TransLink dole and are free to lie publicly about hub to hub transit reducing road congestion, things won’t change… unless Rambo (also known as Jordan Bateman) does something about it that is…

    In my opinion, trams are the optimum transit mode for the general population, especially seniors who have a hard time dealing with the hustle and bustle of hub to hub subway and elevated systems geared towards the workers stuck in the rat race and riding transit like lemmings into downtown Vancouver to work for the banks or retail stores.

    Perhaps Vancouver could use a tram society if one doesn’t already exist. If you appreciate history and trams, the following article on the Hiroshima tram line might interest you. Happy BC Day.

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